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WHCC - Gallery Wrap sale runs June 4 - 15 with up to 30% off!

The June Gallery Wrap Sale
Starting at 12:00 am CDT on Monday June 4th and running through 11:59 pm CDT on Friday June 15th, our June Gallery Wrap sale is the perfect time to get more samples for your studio walls! All 1-1/8" Gallery Wraps 16x16 and larger are 25% off, and all 2-1/2" Gallery Wraps are 30% off. There is no limit to the number of sale priced Gallery Wraps you can order, but your orders must be received with a valid order confirmation during the sale hours. The sale only applies to orders placed using our ROES software. Sale pricing will automatically be applied to orders that qualify, there is no need to request the sale pricing.
More information on our ROES software.

Additional Gallery Wrap Sizes
Several weeks ago we significantly increased the number of standard size Gallery Wraps offered. All sizes are available in our 1-1/8" depth, and those 16x16 and larger in the 2-1/2" depth. WHCC Gallery Wraps are delivered ready to hang in just a few days with our free Two Day UPS shipping to the continental United States. A glossy or matte protective smooth coating is available as an option and may add a few days to the production time.

Below is a complete list of Standard Size Gallery Wraps now offered:

8x8 8x10 10x10 16x16 16x20
10x20 10x30 11x14 16x24 16x30
14x14 14x30 16x16 20x20 20x24
16x20 16x24 16x30 20x30 20x40
20x20 20x24 20x30 24x24 24x30
20x40 24x24 24x30 24x36 30x30
24x36 30x30 30x40 30x40

Want more information and pricing for all our products?
All the information you need all the products we offer is available in our 2007 Pricing and Services Guide available at
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