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WHCC - Last chance for Press Printed Card and Poster Sale

Press Printed Greeting Cards

We're moving!
Friday, July 27th will be our last day of production at our current location. We encourage you to submit all orders as early as you can next week. Turnaround time next week will be business as usual, but we suggest getting time critical orders in as soon as you can. We anticipate that the majority of orders will ship within normal turnaround times during the week of July 30. As always you can check your order and shipping status online at

Production in our new facility will begin Sunday, July 29. You should not see any major interruption in our production and order schedules as we move. We will be using our off season day off, Saturday, to do the bulk of the transition. You can continue to submit orders at any time that weekend. You may notice some web site or uploading errors, or ROES and Labprints order processing delays Saturday as critical computer systems are moved. Please bear with us and try again in 30 or 45 minutes. If you're unsure if an order has come through, you can login at to get an up to the minute list of your recent orders.

Customer Service times will not be interrupted, and will be available until 7:00pm Friday and then beginning at 8:00am Monday, July 30th at the new location. All telephone numbers and extensions will remain the same.

Continue reading for more information on our new building. Additional pictures of our new facility will be available on our website once we are moved in and settled.

More information on our new facility.
Moving into our new facility is very exciting for us and is the conclusion of eighteen months of work. The growth of our company will make our current building, which we built only three years ago, too small for us to continue delivering the level of service we wish to provide. A number of goals were identified and all have been achieved at our new location.

We have constructed a facility that is 47,000 square feet, which is three times the space we worked in last fall, and we have the ability to expand this building up to 90,000 total square feet if needed over time. The mechanical systems are state of the art: functional as well as energy efficient. The equipment used in our photographic and press printing processes generates a lot of heat, and even with our Minnesota winters we will be cooling the building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year. We have facility-wide power backup systems and a generator that will let us operate without pause through any power outages. We have complete redundancy in our voice and data systems, including two separate and diverse fiber optic lines directly into our data center. Not to be forgotten, we have a building that has been built to be extremely efficient and "green", which also provides our staff the finest working environment in our industry.

Additionally, we have installed new photographic and press equipment prior to our move to make our transition to the new location as transparent as possible to you. This new equipment includes ten Noritsu small format photographic printers, two Durst wide format photographic printers and two HP Indigo 5500 digital printing presses. This brings us to a total of four top of the line HP Indigo presses in our rapidly expanding press printing division. There is not a single product we offer we won't be able to produce on day 1 in our new facility.

Our investment in our new facility and this vast amount of new equipment shows our high level of confidence in our industry's future and your future as independent professional photographers. Our dedicated and expert staff will work to maximize these investments to the benefit of you, our clients. We strive for nothing less than perfection in orders shipped accurately and timely each and every day.

Our new facility is located in Eagan, Minnesota. The complete address is 2840 Lone Oak Parkway, Eagan, MN 55121.

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