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WHCC - New low cost Gallery Wrap Protective Lamination now available

Gallery Wrap Canvas

New Lamination for Gallery Wraps offers more protection at a lower cost than smooth coating
Available immediately, our new lamination option is the perfect way to protect your Gallery Wrap images from scuffs and scratches, and offer UV protection. The laminate is available in Matte and Glossy, and is available only on our Fine Art Canvas and Gallery Wrap products. Lamination pricing is very reasonable, at $4.50 for an 8x10, $6.25 on a 20x24, and $15 on a 30x40 Gallery Wrap. This is on average 75% less than our Smooth Coating option! Lamination is ready to wrap once it is complete, so it won't add any additional production days to your Gallery Wrap order. Your Gallery Wrap with lamination should have a production time of just two days! And with our free Two Day UPS shipping to the continental United States, you'll have your Gallery Wrap delivered and ready to hang very quickly!

Ordering Gallery Wraps is quick and easy with our ROES.whcc software. Gallery Wraps are available in 21 different sizes with two depth options: 1-1/8" and 2-1/2". They come ready to hang with paper backing and hanging hardware. Most Gallery Wrap orders ship out in two production days after they are received!
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WHCC Case Study: Lori Nordstrom
Lori Nordstrom began her business in 1998, focusing on maternity and baby photography. With her new stand-alone studio, she would like to continue to grow the business while competing with other photographers in her area as well as offer clients unique products they cannot find at photography websites or from other shooters around the city. She also plans to raise the amount of money clients spend with her through new product offerings.

Read more on our website how Lori uses new WHCC products to boost her sales and existing WHCC products to contribute solidly to her revenues. Lori incorporates WHCC Gallery Wraps, Press Printed Products and Greeting Cards, Press Printed Books, and Thrifty Photographic Prints into her product offerings to her clients and continues to be impressed with WHCC's attention to its customers.
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