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WHCC - Exclusive Holiday Card Templates now available for purchase from focused by whcc

Holiday Card Templates

Exclusive Holiday Card Templates available from focused by whcc
ocused by whcc is our photographic education and resources initiative. We're proud to announce availability of the first focused product, the V Gallery Holiday Card Templates Volume 4. Available exclusively through focused, these 7 holiday card templates are 100% compatible with our Press Printed Products, and can quickly and easily be customized to include your own images. You can purchase the templates individually for $25 each, or the entire set, a $175 value, for $125. They are delivered as a digital download, so you can download and start using them immediately after purchase.
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Texture now available on Metallic Prints
We've received many requests for texture on metallic prints, and it is now immediately available through ROES on all metallic print orders. Pricing is identical to lustre print texture, and you can order it just like you'd order texture for a lustre print.

WHCC Case Study: V Gallery
V Gallery started in the cramped basement of Vicki and Jed Taufer's home in Morton, Illinois in 2000. Specializing in family and children, the Taufers quickly established themselves both regionally and internationally for their exceptional work. The Taufers have a good niche but, like all photographers, they face some challenges. They tend to focus on the high end of the marketplace thus they have to cast the net a touch wider to bring in higher income clients not only from Morton but from other nearby cities. They need to give potential clients a reason to get in touch with V Gallery when they want professional photographs taken of their families.

Read more on our website how V Gallery uses WHCC photographic prints and Press Printed Products in local boutiques, hair salons and home stores to increase their visibility and sales.
Read the entire V Gallery Case Study at

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