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WHCC - Upcoming workshops with Julie Klaasmeyer, Joey L and Colleen & Co

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focused Presents Julie Klaasmeyer
In this two day workshop, Julie Klaasmeyer will begin with a hands-on photo session followed by an overview of workflow, how to sell with boutique products in mind, how to incorporate the images into a final product, how to change the look of your photography with easy background solutions and ways to maximize your studio space.

Images will be prepared in Photoshop and each attendee will build their own custom storybook press printed book. While working on your book, the class will discuss what each person believes to be their strong point, how to balance a career and a personal life, and how to train your clients to respect your policies. Julie will also cover how to price press printed items and books, how to catalog templates and brushes, and how to take purchased templates and transform them to fit into different layouts for many more options.

Also, everyone who attends the workshop will go home with "themed" album templates created by Julie! Each attendee will also take home their very own WHCC press printed book that they create during the workshop! This workshop is a fantastic way to dive into those press printed books you've been thinking about selling!
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Seats are still available for this weekend's workshop with Joey L at Haven in Morton, Illinois!

Joey is an 18 year old Canadian photographer born and raised in Ontario. In the 3 years he has been shooting, he has been recognized in the photographic community with awards from Microsoft, Bogen and the United Way. Some of Joey's first images were taken with a 1.3 megapixel point and shoot camera. Although he has upgraded equipment since then, he proves the eye behind the camera is more important than the device itself.

Joey will discuss what separated him from the masses as a young photographer, how he overcame various struggles along the way of becoming a successful commercial photographer, on-the-fly setups and tricks that deadlines and lack of funds pressured him to come up with including low budget lighting, camera equipment, and working with natural light, and simple yet effective Photoshop secrets that help him achieve the signature dark, edgy and grungy feel to his photographs. Samples of Joey's work can be found at

Each attendee will receive an exclusive DVD based demonstration of Photoshop techniques by Joey.
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Studio Life 101, April 7-9, 2008

Colleen & Co's Studio Life 101, sponsored by focused
A three day portrait workshop highlighting High School Seniors with instructors Colleen Gonsar, Darty Hines, Pam Spotts and Tim Wehnert. They are ready to share with you the secrets of one of the most successful studios in the country. Their candid speaking style will inspire you and help you make changes in your studio that will improve your sales and photography for years to come. For more information, visit the Studio Life 101 website.
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