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Order you Press Printed Books before the sale ends on Monday, August 11th!

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Press Printed Book Sale ends Monday, August 11th!
All Press Printed Books are on sale with 25% off normal pricing, but only until tomorrow, Monday, August 11th at 11:59 PM CDT. If you’ve been waiting to order Press Printed Book samples for your studio, order now before the sale ends!

There is no limit to the number of sale priced books you can order or the number of sale orders you can place, but your orders must be received with a valid order number by 11:59pm CDT Monday, August 11th. Sale pricing will automatically be applied to orders that qualify, there is no need to request the sale pricing. The sale price will not be seen in ROES when ordering, but will be reflected on your email confirmation.

Also note that our original book covers are available at a reduced price plus you’ll receive the 25% sale discount on top of the reduced price. We are discontinuing our original Press Printed Book Covers of Black, Tan, and Red Leather as well as the Copper Pearl Fabric. They will continue to be available as supplies last.
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Press Printed Book Cover Swatches

New Press Printed Book Cover Options
We’ve updated our press printed book cover options with new colors and a new texture on the leather covers. Fabric covers are now available in Black, Chocolate Brown, and Tan. The new leather options are Black, Dark Brown, and Dark Red. These new covers, as well as the Custom Photo Covers, are all made with masonite and are available in all of our book sizes.

Our original book covers are still available at a discount, but only while supplies last. They include Original Black Leather, Original Tan Leather, Original Red Leather, and Copper Pearl Fabric. All are priced at the 'Fabric' cover pricing.
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The Sweetness Collection - 22 page book template set

New Book templates available from focused
The Sweetness Collection from Design Revolution by Julie Klaasmeyer is now available for purchase. The collection of pages is designed to the specifications of our Press Printed Books with Hinged paper. Available in four different sizes, 5x5, 5x7 vertical, 8.5x11 horizontal and 10x10, each set is available for $125.
Get more information about The Sweetness Collection at

Long Run Offset Printing available from WHCC
We now offer long run offset printing off our Heidelberg printing press. A traditional offset printing press, the Heidelberg is a perfect compliment to our short-run digital HP Indigo presses. This makes higher quantity print runs much more economical for those who want larger quantities.

There are lots of places to buy four color printing, so why should you buy your longer run jobs from WHCC?

Color quality and consistency
With many years serving photographers, we know good color. Three years after bringing that to short-run printing for photographers, we are bringing it to longer run printing as well. Our press has a new, state-of-the-art system for distributing ink across the sheet for the best consistency card to card, plus we won't be 'ganging' your job up with many other postcards at the same time. Each press run will have just your job on press, so our press operators are focused on just your job.

Competitive Pricing
To show our appreciation, we are offering discounts on long run printing based on your yearly spend with WHCC.

All long run price quotes are done by email, please send the size and quantity to for a quote. A price list showing quantities, sizes and list pricing is available on our website.
View the Long Run Printing Price List

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