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Float Wraps

New Options and Sizes for Float Wraps

Fine Art and Metallic Canvas are now available for Float Wraps! Order Fine Art Canvas with a Semi-Gloss Laminate or Metallic Canvas with a High Gloss Laminate. Lustre and Metallic Photographic prints are still also available with a Matte Laminate.

We've also added additional sizes, with Float Wraps now available as large as 20x30. Float Wraps are now available in these sizes: 8x10, 8x12, 10x20, 10x30, 11x14, 15x30, 16x20, 16x24, 20x24, 20x30 as well as square sizes 10x10, 12x12, 16x16, and 20x20.

Float Wraps are created by wrapping the photographic print or canvas print around masonite to create a thin wrap. The print or canvas is protected with a laminate and padding is added between the print and the masonite to give the front of the Float Wrap a raised, elegant look and feel. The back of the Float Wrap is complete with black paper backing and a black 3/4" thick gatorboard block that allows the Float Wrap to extend out from the wall. The back of the block also contains holes for hanging. If you'd prefer to display your Float Wrap on an easel, you can order your wrap without the gatorboard block.

Float Wraps are unique in that they appear to be floating on the wall with the main focus on the image! Add dimension and create a modern display with a Float Wrap wall collage that is ready to hang once removed from the box!

More information on Float Wraps is available at our website.

Float Wrap Options
PickPic Monthly Plan

PickPic Monthly Plan Now Available

PickPic by whcc

Pickpic is now available on a low-cost monthly plan that not only greatly simplifies the set-up process, but also delivers an unparalleled PickPic experience to both you and your clients. That's because we'll now host PickPic for you, taking all the technical guesswork out of the mix and leaving you with a highly-optimized proofing powerhouse already world-renown for its ease-of-use and rich feature-set.

What you get:

  • All the features of PickPic, including custom color scheme and logo integration to match your own branding
  • Personalized domain name of your choice (if you don't have one available to use)
  • SSL certificate, for secure transfer of sensitive information, including client details and payment transactions.
  • The very best PickPic web hosting available, featuring custom server optimizations and a generous 10GB of disk space for "web-friendly" image galleries.
  • Transparent no-hassle, no-wait PickPic updates as soon as they're released
  • Free PickPic Photo-ma-tron for Photoshop order fulfillment and web gallery creation tool (An $89 value!)
  • Free upgrade to the next generation equivalent of PickPic (4Q09 estimated release) and all the subsequent updates, minor and major.

The PickPic monthly plan is $99 / month, plus a one-time set-up fee of $129. A minimum commitment of 3 months is required.

Visit for full details.


Try 4 Hours of PhotoVision for just $4


We'd like to invite you to a 4 hour seminar on DVD from PhotoVision for just $4 (regularly $49)! Simply enter the promo code WHCC02 when registering.

PhotoVision is delivered on DVD and offers the unique opportunity to observe the industry's leading image makers in their actual working environment. PhotoVision's cameras take you inside their studios and on location where you'll see sessions from beginning to end, you'll tag along on actual weddings, sit in on insider interviews learning the secrets of successful marketing and sales, and observe the latest retouching and workflow techniques.

Visit for more information.


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All the information you need on all the products we offer is available in our 2009 Pricing and Services Guide available at

2009 Pricing and Services Guide


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