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Product Updates

Below you will find information on some product updates we've rolled out since April. If you're looking for some good photographic education available for free and without leaving the comfort of your desk, make sure to check out the free PDN Virtual Tradeshow next week!

Product Updates
Mini Book Slip Cases
New Image Box Sizes and Options
Multi-opening Mats
PDN Virtual Tradeshow

Accordion Mini Book Slip Cases

Mini Book Slip Case

Frosted Slip Cases are now available to order with our Accordion Mini Books! These perfectly sized cases will help protect your Mini Books when being carried around in a purse or bag. The cases are transparent enough to allow your custom photo cover to shine and still allow for easy access to the book to show it off! Slip Cases are available for $1 each when ordered with your Mini Books and are available for all sizes, papers and cover options.

Accordion Mini Books are the perfect gift item for your clients to use as mini folios and brag books. Available in a wallet and a square 3x3 size, order an Accordion Mini Book on any of our press printed papers - standard semi-gloss, art linen, art watercolor, art recycled, and pearl. UV coating can also be added. Cover options include all of our fabric and leather options or a personalized custom photo cover in lustre or metallic with a matte laminate!

The wallet Accordion Mini Books have up to 14 customizable panels and the square 3x3 has up to 10 customizable panels. This is a great add-on item with any order and premium packaging is also available! Accordion Mini Books are available through ROES with a minimum order of 3 identical books.

More info on Accordion Mini Books.


New Image Box Sizes and Cover Options

Image Boxes

We've added two new sizes to our line of Image Boxes. Now available are 4x6 400 print and 800 print capacity boxes! The 400 print box is a taller box that stores 400 4x6 prints in a single stack, while the 800 print box is the same height as the 400 print box, but includes a removable divider and has the ability to store two stacks of 400 prints.

All of our Image Boxes are now also available in our new full lines of fabrics and leathers including the new Floral, Mineral, Suede, Vintage Leather and Alligator Leather collections. Now you can order an Image Box for your Press Printed Album and match the leather or fabric selection of the Image Box to the Album! Want samples of all the cover options? Order a WHCC Cover Material Swatch Set for just $25 and receive unbranded samples of all 33 cover material options.

More information on Image Boxes.


Slim Onyx moulding and multi-opening mat options

Slim Onyx Moulding with 9 4x4 Mat

Slim Onyx is a 1-1/4 inch moulding offered along with our 2 inch black, cherry, bronze, and iron moulding options. Slim Onyx is a simple, less expensive black moulding. All of these mouldings are included in our Frame Corner Sample kit available in ROES. The $25 Frame Corner Sample kit includes a corner of each of our five moulding options as well as a sample of the double white mat.

Tell a story with our new multi-opening mats! Ordering the prints and assembling these products yourself is a hassle, but now it's simple as we do all the assembly work! Options include a 10x20 frame with 3-4x5s, 3-5x5s, or 3-5x7s and a 16x16 frame with 4-4x6s, 4-5x7s, or 9-4x4s. Multi-opening mats allow your clients to pick their favorite images to frame. The 16x16 frame with the 9-4x4 openings is a popular option for baby's features and children's funny faces.

More information on our Framed Prints.


FREE Event: PDN PhotoPlus Virtual Tradeshow

Slim Onyx Moulding with 9 4x4 Mat

Don't miss the PDN Focus on Wedding and Portrait Photography FREE online Virtual Tradeshow Monday and Tuesday May 24th and 25th, 9am - 6pm CST! Log on and experience this two-day virtual event designed to inform and inspire wedding and portrait photographers. Visit WHCC's virtual booth on the expo floor to view information and videos about our products and services as well as chat live with one of our representatives. And don't miss the educational webinars including Laura Novak on Monday, May 24th at 5pm CST. Interviewed by Dane Sanders, Laura will share how to define your niche and build your brand. Stay informed, increase your profits, visit virtual booths and get inspired - all from your home computer!

Click here to register for the Free PDN Virtual Tradeshow Expo.


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