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There is still time to order for the holidays!

Keep sending your orders in! Even at the busiest time of the year, most orders are continuing to ship within one to two days including Press Printed Greeting Cards, Press Printed Books and Albums, Photo Prints, Gallery Wraps and more!

Just remember to keep in mind the shipping time for each product. Gallery Wraps, Fine Art Prints, Float Wraps, Standout, and Framed Prints all ship UPS Ground from Minnesota. Make sure to look over our Holiday Schedule and Shipping Deadlines regarding delivery timeframes, especially if you are in the 3 or 4 day ground zone from Minnesota.

Keep sending orders!
Boutique Card Gift Tags
Mini Books
Holiday Turnaround Times
Holiday Tips and Reminders

Product Tip: Use Boutique Card Ornaments as a Gift Tag

Boutique Card Ornaments

If your clients are looking for a unique way to dress up their holiday gifts, offer them custom gift tags! Select Boutique Cards are available with an option of an included hole. Design the gift tag with your client's images, a custom greeting, and just add a ribbon to transform any gift into a personal treasure.

You can also design custom gift tags with your studio branding on them! Dress up your orders with a cute tag attached to the boxes or bags you use to deliver your orders.

Boutique Cards with holes can also be used as ornaments, one more unique option for holiday cards! Try ordering on Pearl paper to add an extra shimmer and sparkle to the card.

We have some great Boutique Card Ornament templates available from Focused by WHCC! You can browse the catalog here: Boutique Tags and Ornaments.

More information on Boutique Cards is available on our website.


Product Tip: Mini Books are an Ideal Last Minute Gift

Accordion Mini Books

Accordion Mini Books are the ultimate stocking stuffer gift! With up to 14 customizable panels, your clients will love that they can share all of their favorite images with friends and family. The compact size, magnet closure, and inexpensive price tag will ensure your clients purchase a Mini Book for each person on their holiday list this year! Make sure your clients know that Mini Books can also be displayed on a fridge because of the magnetic closure.

If you're looking for a way to reward your top clients, a set of Mini Books from their session is an easy and great way to say thanks!

More information on Accordion Mini Books is available on our website.


Holiday Shipping and Turnaround Time

WHCC App for iPHone

It's December and it's almost the holidays! Here are some shipping and turnaround time reminders to make this holiday season as smooth as possible!

  • Turnaround Time: Keep in mind our published turnaround times, and track your orders online or using our iPhone App. During these next few weeks, leave some extra time for any possible minor delays and place your orders as soon as possible to guarantee delivery by Christmas. We do not have any cut-off dates for orders shipping to the United States and all orders placed on or before December 23rd can be delivered on December 24th or before with expedited shipping. Please note that December 24th this year is a Saturday and will require a Saturday upgrade to arrive on that day. Orders shipped to Canada by UPS and other international destinations served by the postal service will need to allow more time for shipping.
  • Shipping Upgrades and Rushes: Please note that adding overnight shipping does not guarantee your order will ship the same day. It only expedites the shipping method once the order is complete. A 50% rush may be available if you need to expedite the turnaround time of the order through the lab. Contact Customer Service if you would like a 50% Rush, which will be a charge equal to 50% of your order cost.
  • Holiday Shipping Guidelines 2011: Visit our Holiday 2011 Guidelines page for a complete breakdown of when to place specific order types in order to receive them by Christmas, December 25th. Also listed is the WHCC and UPS Holiday Schedule by date. Easily see when WHCC will be closed for the Holidays and note UPS's pick-up and delivery schedule around the Holidays. We also have sections related to orders shipping to Canada via UPS as well as those shipping Internationally by the USPS.


Holiday Tips and Reminders

Here are some tips and reminders to make this holiday season as smooth as possible!

  • Press Printed Card Quantities: Press Printed Cards are ordered in packs of 25. Use the quantity box under Size Options-Style and Quantity of Cards in the lower left panel of ROES to order multiple identical packs of 25 cards. If you want 50 cards, you will order a quantity of 2 in ROES.
  • Press Printed Cards and Safe Lines: The Safe Line in ROES is not the cut line for the cards. The cut happens between the Safe Line and the edge of the file. Anything inside the Safe Line will print on your card. Anything outside the Safe Line may or may not print on your card. Keep this in mind if a border is put on the outside of the Safe Line - it may arrive to you uneven and only printed on some sides.
  • Photographic Greeting Cards (one sided photographic print with an envelope): We strongly recommend separating one sided photo card orders from normal print orders. Orders with both Photographic Greeting Cards and normal prints are scheduled for an extra day in process. If you separate these orders, you should get them both back a day earlier than submitting them together.
  • Sizing Files: It is best to have your files sized correctly for the product that you are ordering. Please use our sizing templates for all press products including cards, books and albums. Refer to our informational PDFs for how to size files for our Gallery Wraps and Float Wraps.
  • Order Instructions: Putting any instructions or notes on your order will delay it by at least one day as it will be sent to Customer Service to review your instructions or notes. Please review your order carefully before submitting it. If you need to expedite your order, contact Customer Service. Do not try to expedite your order through instructions on your order. This will only slow your order down and your instruction may get missed. Only pertinent information to your order should be put in the instructions such as trimming instructions.
  • Review order in ROES: When placing your order in ROES, please be sure to look over all of the items you've ordered in the Review Order Screen before you actually place the order. Make sure you've ordered the correct paper type, the correct finishing services, and the correct quantities. Also check the cost of the order. Make sure it is what you're expecting to pay for the order. Lastly, please remember that our Press Printed Cards come in sets of 25 cards. So if you need 50 cards, you would order a quantity of 2.
  • Drop Shipping an Order: First select the appropriate drop ship method for a USA, Canada or International drop ship. Next, fill out the drop ship address. It is extremely important to fill out the drop ship address fields correctly within the appropriate box. Failure to complete the address correctly can result in the order being delayed and not delivered on the date expected. Also note that separate orders getting drop shipped to the same address cannot be combined. The drop ship fee will apply to each order being drop shipped regardless of the address it is being shipped to.
  • Addresses and Credit Cards: If you haven't placed an order with us in a while, make sure you have your most current shipping address on file with us before you place your order. Also remember to keep your credit card information current so your orders are not delayed! You can update your shipping address and credit card information by logging in to our client website. Log in with your user name and password. On the left side of the screen is a link for "Account Info". Click there and you are able to update your address and your credit card under the Payment Terms section.

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