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Product Updates

Below you'll find information on a few new product updates and enhancements we've rolled out recently - a new paper option for flat Press Printed Cards and Products, Boutique Stickers, and new Image Box options.

Also, don't miss the PickPic Sale! For two weeks only, all new PickPic ProofPro users receive their first 3 months at only $49 per month with no set-up fee! Now is the time to get your images into online image galleries with ProofPro's feature-rich shopping cart!

Product Updates
Press Product Updates
Mixed Photo Paper Orders
Image Box Risers
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Press Product Updates

Boutique Stickers

New Premium Matte Paper for Flat Press Printed Cards

Our new Premium Matte Press Paper is 130# matte cover stock. This paper has a smooth feel and is the thickest paper option we offer, making it a great choice for all of our non-folded Press Printed Cards and Products as well as the shaped Boutique Cards. Add UV coating for extra protection and a glossier look and feel with the thickness of Premium Matte paper.

Premium Matte is now the new default when ordering Business Cards. Standard Semi-Gloss Paper is still available for Business Cards but it will need to be selected when ordering. Also note that Premium Matte is not available on folded Press Printed Cards and Bookmarks, it is only available with non-folded Press Printed Cards, Boutique Cards, Business Cards, Rep Cards and Bookmarks.

New Boutique Stickers Available

Boutique Cards have become the "must-have" item for Press Printed Cards. Now order Boutique Stickers as one of our 50 5x7 or 5x5 distinct shapes. Use Boutique Stickers as unique packaging labels to brand yourself. Boutique Stickers are available in sets of 25.

All the details on Press Printed Products.
All the details on Boutique Cards.


Mixed Photo Paper Orders

Senior How To

Always wanted to order lustre, glossy, and metallic photo prints in one order? Now you can! Mix lustre, glossy, and metallic photo paper types on a single photo print order! If you just need one or a few metallic or glossy prints you can now add them to your lustre print order instead of having to place a separate order that was subject to the minimum order.

In ROES, look for a single "Photo Prints" catalog now with tabs in the upper left where you select the paper surface.

All the details on our Photo Prints.


Image Box Risers and CD/DVD Inserts

Image Box Riser and CD/DVD Insert

We've added additional options for Image Boxes - Risers and CD/DVD inserts! The black riser for an Image Box fits snuggly at the bottom of the box. It allows you to fill the box with fewer prints or an album with fewer spreads. A 100 image 4x6 or 5x7 box with a riser will bring capacity to 50 prints making it appear more finished when the box is open because the prints will fill the box instead of only filling half of the box without the riser. An album Image Box with a riser will hold a 15 spread album perfectly. Risers are $3.

5x7 and larger Image Boxes also have the option for a CD/DVD Insert to be adhered to the bottom of the Image Box or on the riser if a riser is ordered. The CD/DVD Insert is a black mat with a circle cut out for the CD/DVD as well as a notch to pop the CD or DVD out with your finger. CD/DVD Inserts are $3 but if ordered with a riser, both riser and insert together are $5.

All the details on Image Boxes.


Try PickPic ProofPro for its best price ever!

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Join the party as PickPic ProofPro celebrates its first year of fully branded, feature-rich online proofing - empowering you with the award-winning tools to control your own image galleries and shopping experiences. Included with your ProofPro subscription is a custom design, robust web hosting, unlimited gallery space, personalized domain name, and access to a powerful web-based control panel that manages virtually all aspects of your e-commerce environment.

Now through April 20th, we'll waive the $129 set-up fee, then give you ProofPro for $49/month for your first 3 months. Visit the PickPic sign-up page to take advantage of this very special offer. (A 3 month minimum commitment is required, and only new ProofPro sign-ups are eligible.)

Visit the PickPic ProofPro website for more information.


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All the information you need on all the products we offer is available in our Pricing and Services Guide available at

Pricing and Services Guide

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