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WHCC Summer Sales

We hope you're enjoying our Summer Sales and are taking advantage of the opportunity to get new samples! Our most popular products, as well as many of our hot new products, will be on sale at some point this summer. Look for sales on Float Wraps, Standout, Framed Prints, Large Format Photo Prints, Small Format Photo Prints, Press Printed Books, Boutique Bags, Image Folios and Focused Templates.

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Summer Sales 2011
Photo Prints Sale
PPA Tour 2011

Photo Prints Summer Sale

Photo Prints

All photo prints 16x20 and larger are 20% off normal prices and 8x10, 11x14 and 12x18 prints are also available at a discount! Choose from lustre, glossy or metallic papers for your photo print discount! 8x10 lustre and glossy prints are $1.30 each, 11x14 lustre and glossy prints are $2.50 each, and 12x18 lustre and glossy prints are $3.75. 8x10 metallic prints are $1.56, 11x14 metallic prints are $3.00 and 12x18 metallic prints are $4.50. 16x20 and larger prints are available at 20% off normal prices. 16x20 and larger is defined as the print's short side being 16 inches or longer and the long side being 20 inches or longer. The sale excludes finishing services and mounting services, album prints, competition prints and quantity prints.

The $12 minimum order does still apply to all photo print orders, and will be applied after any sale pricing. Keep this is mind when placing smaller orders with products on sale.

There is no limit to the number of sale priced prints you can order. The sale is only valid on orders placed through ROES or LabPrints. Sale pricing will automatically be applied to qualified orders but will not show up in ROES/LabPrints when ordered. Sale pricing will be reflected in your email confirmation. Orders must be received with a valid order confirmation between 12:00am CDT on July 21st and 11:59pm CDT on Monday, July 25th.

More info on Photographic Prints.


Event: PPA Tour 2011

PPA Tour 2011

Grow Your Photography Business This Fall!

Being more profitable, improving digital workflow and finding a competitive niche - all will help you grow your photography business. If that's your goal, join the PPA Tour 2011, sponsored in part by WHCC! At each PPA Tour stop, industry experts will walk you through a day in the life of a successful studio, from the marketing to the lighting, posing, post-capture, sales and service. Get your business off the ground and growing by attending at a city near you!

Through Friday, July 22nd you can save $20 on registration! Just enter the code TOURFB when registering!

View the PPA Tour 2011 website for locations and to register.


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