Tommy is hitting the road!

14 Studios. 8 States. 2 Wheels.

WHCC’s Adventurous Phantom of Photography and Motorcycle Aficionado, Tom Stanley, is taking his hog and hitting the road. Along the way, he’ll be interviewing and checking in with over 15 photographers in 8 different states. We’ll be finding out what makes their studios successful, the fun projects they have going on, and what WHCC products they love! For 20 days Tom will be imparting all the best tips and tricks of the industry—make sure you’re here for it.

You won’t want to miss out on this information-packed, full-throttle expedition across the Northern Plains!

Start seeing Tom!

See where he goes and who he meets on his big adventure! As he hits the open road, stop in daily to keep track of his stops, photos, and studio interviews. Follow along on his journey visiting a multitude of successful photographic studios born in the USA.

Meet awesome photographers

Get to know other successful studios around the country! Take a look at photographic trends through different genres and learn some new tips from top photographic professionals.

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Want timely updates? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see what Tom is up to every day. From the interesting meals he eats to the fascinating people he meets—there won’t be a lack of entertainment on this trip!