What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It’s a widely used method for transferring files over the Internet. It has no limitations on file size like attaching files to email. Most importantly it allows us to setup every client with a secure and separate folder on our servers.

What is a corrupt or bad file?

A “bad file” is generally created when your FTP upload is interrupted in the middle of a file transfer causing only part of the image to be retrieved. The transfer of the image doesn’t generally create a “corrupt” file. You get this when you open the image in Photoshop and get “Invalid JPEG marker” or something similar. Generally opening the original TIFF or PSD file in Photoshop and resaving the JPEG fixes this problem.

How do I upload my print size folders?

Uploading print size folders is as simple as dragging and dropping in your FTP client software. After your order preparation is complete, you simply sign on with WHCC, create a folder within your FTP account, and drag the print size folders into that folder. Upon completion of file transfer, sign on to our order form page and submit the quick and easy order form.