Bright Futures Await

Your senior clients deserve a seamless graduation experience from start to finish! Use our card editor to easily add cards to your session packages to boost income, provide free marketing for your small business, and maintain full control over your images.

Create the Perfect Card

Easily provide your senior clients with the announcements, invitations, and thank you cards of their dreams

Multiple Paths to Achieve Card Sales

Choose Hands-on or Hands-off  

Take full control of your images by either choosing to be fully involved in preparing pre-designed cards for your clients or take a hands-off approach by giving your clients access to design their own cards.

Our Editor gives you a creative advantage to be successful in card sales no matter what workflow you choose.

GIF showing how to upload photos to Card Editor.

Hands Off Approach

Here’s How the Hands-off Approach Can Makes Sales For You!

Screenshot showing branded card shop setup in Studio.

Curate Your Branded Card Shop

Customize the pre-designed card shop to reflect your brands color scheme and add your logo. Automatically have your website information on the back of every card.

Screenshot showing client view of card selection and approval in Studio.

Set Your Approval Workflow

Include your client in the creative process by inviting them to select, revise, and review card designs. Choose to approve each final card or let your client order on demand.

Screenshot showing how to setup your pricing structure in Studio.

Set Your Pricing Structure

Choose your pricing markup and allow Stripe to collect payment from each client and distribute the cost of goods to WHCC. The profits will then be delivered directly to your bank account.

Mockup of Studio by WHCC in a desktop screen, browser screen, and iPad screen

Hands ON Approach

Take Full Command of Your Grad Card Sales

Studio opens the door for you and your clients to collaborate, organize + prepare all year long. Take full control of your images, simplify card designing and sell more to grow your business with free card designs you can customize, share + sell in minutes.

Free Marketing Images

Up your social media game. Just drop in your own senior shots and post the final images to your feed.

  1. Select a template from below and drop your photos into the products.
  2. Download the result into a JPEG you can use anywhere.
  3. Share on social media or with your clients.
Mockup of a blank card with the option to add a custom picture.Photo of a senior graduate girl in front of flowers.

Drop in your
own images

Mockup of iPhone with Instagram opened up to a photo of a girl on a card.