Create Your Product Collections + Pricing Structure

As high school seniors search for the perfect photographer, provide all of your potential clients with a top notch experience.

Offer your potential clients three different product collections to fit every need. It’ll show a range of what you provide without overwhelming their decision making process. By structuring your packages strategically, you can nudge your clients to choose what you want to sell.

Providing potential clients with three collection choices to choose from can cover everything they could imagine - from the bare minimum to exceeding expectations, you can find investment levels that you and your new clients can both be happy with.

The ‘Good’ Package

This is the lowest level investment. Price this option at the minimum amount you will need to make a profit you’re satisfied with. This package should have the least amount of value for the price, and makes the other packages look much more enticing.

The ‘Better’ Package

The middle option is what people are most likely to choose. Make this the package you want to sell! What’s the ideal amount you’d like to make from each session? Include products you think every senior should have. Add in-demand products to this collection, making an upgrade from the ‘good’ package seem like a no-brainer.

The ‘Best’ Package

This collection is above and beyond what you think seniors would need. It requires a higher investment than your other collections, but it also packs the most value. In this package, they get more and actually pay less than they would per product in any other collection. A few people will choose this option, and it will create some nice bonus income for you.

Highlight any personalized services you offer as part of the package, even if it’s included with each collection. The experience you provide can help set you aside from your competition. Whether it’s clothing consults, hair + makeup services, or any extra touches you offer, both seniors and parents will be excited to focus on the value you’re giving them.

Outline Your Pricing Structure

Deciding the price points for each collection can be daunting, but once you’re able to calculate everything you offer, it’ll be easy to customize each collection for every client.

When determining how much you should charge, figure out the average amount you need to make per client. This amount should allow you to create the salary and support the lifestyle you want.

Calculate the cost of goods:

  • How much does the product cost?
  • How much for packaging?

Decide how much your time is worth:

  • How much do you want to make per hour of shooting?
  • How much time do you put into other tasks: consulting, editing, designing, ordering, etc?
  • If you outsource any services: How much does that work cost?

Give your brand some credit:

  • Are you in high demand?
  • Do you have a signature style that people love?
  • Are you known for your outstanding service?

Communicate Your Pricing from the Start

You’re simply not in everyone’s budget and it’s good to find that out as soon as possible. You don’t want to end up discounting your work or defending your prices later in the process. Charge what you’re worth and don’t undervalue yourself. You provide a service that seniors and their parents highly value.

When you discuss your pricing up front, talk about the experience your clients will have with you. Show them the products they are most excited about, and discuss the experience of seeing their images for the first time. Setting clear expectations from the start will help you exceed them with fun surprises!

Boost Your Senior Sales with Studio

Studio is the set of free online tools we designed for you, our photographers, to assist with your business needs. Everything in Studio starts with a Project, where you upload your clients images into a gallery. From that gallery you can order Wall Display products, design + order Cards or Albums, and sync the images to the WHCC Studio iPad app to use in sales sessions.

Save time and money by using the WHCC Studio iPad app for your sales sessions. With the app you can:

  • Design custom collages with WHCC Wall Display products
  • Incorporate images of your client’s home when creating Wall Collages
  • Present slideshows
  • Rate and compare images with your client
  • Present to your client on a projector or TV
  • Create and share order summaries and wall collage previews

Best part — it’s free for all WHCC clients! Download the WHCC Studio app from the iPad App Store and sign in to view your Projects.

Build Your Product Offerings Through Studio

Studio is a free online hub of digital tools that allows you to create a project for your clients or sessions. You can then use those projects to share images, design + order products, and boost sales.

Learn More About Studio

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