Sports & Events

Sports + Events

This program is designed for volume photography. It’s the ideal solution for photographers who specialize in teams, groups, and events. The Sports + Events program comes with its own unique line of products and marketing tools. Download the Sports + Events product catalog along with sizing templates and how-to guides here.

Ordering is done through a Sports + Events ROES catalog, which is installed and launched separately from our standard ROES software. Any combination of products can be ordered together, allowing you the freedom to offer packages with any product combinations you choose.

Photo Prints

Capture the winning moment with high quality photo prints. Each player is a superstar and every team’s unique dynamic is captured. Choose any size print from wallets up to 30” x 45”. Photographic Prints come in your choice of three different paper surfaces: Lustre, Glossy or Metallic. You can also choose mounting and coating options to set your product offering apart from the competition.

Themed Photo Products

Select one of 10 predesigned themes and customize that theme as you like. If you’d rather create your own custom graphics we give you that option as well. A winning combination of individual and team shots. Choose from wide variety of Memory Mate styles, along with Magazine Covers, Game Day Tickets and Waterbottle Inserts.

Buttons + Magnets

Our button and magnet products give you options that allow you to customize your offering to meet your clients needs. 3” buttons can be made with the classic pin back or add a mirror back. We offer a wide variety of magnets, some themes and others that are a blank canvas for your creativity.


Heavy duty luggage tags stand up to continuous use. They are available in two sizes. Tags are double-sided, choose from predesigned graphics or use your own design allowing you to put a unique image on either side of the tag, allowing you to customize as needed.

We also offer two styles of dog tag necklace. Both styles are double sided allowing you to use unique images on either side.


License Plates are a cool way to display your favorite sports images. They aren’t just for your car bumper, they look great on lockers, walls, and anywhere you want it to be seen.

Clipboards make a great coaches gift. Both sides of our Dry erase clipboard are available for customization with predesigned graphics or your own custom creations.

We also offer you the option of selling and delivering your image on a full color printed DVD.

Key Chains

Keychains are available in three different sizes. Two heavy duty acrylic sizes and one metal keychain. All three are double sided, allowing you to put a unique image on either side.


Show pride for your team! Display your line-up with a team banner or offer smaller individual banners. Full color, printed on heavy duty vinyl they are available in 11 sizes, each includes grommets on all corners for easy hanging.

Posters + Wall Clings

Offer printed posters of team or group. Our low minimum quantities make this a great option for room decorations or fund raising advertising.

Make a scene with cool wall clings. We have three sizes available including circles and custom shapes. Easily position and remove as needed.

Image Cubes + Pencil Holders

Customized image cubes and pencil holders make great gifts for players and fans. Add your own photos, logos, and design.

Trader Cards

Sturdy press printed Trading cards are available in sets of 12. These MVP cards are completely customizable with as much data as you’d like. Unique images on either side of the cards set these cards apart from the competition.


We offer three unique versions of plaque. We have the traditional black bevel edged dye sublimation plaque. We offer a contemporary version of dye sub plaque with a black shadow box frame. Lastly, we offer a very unique plaque based on our popular image blocks. Each plaque style is available in two sizes, 8x10 and 5x7.

Mugs + Water Bottles

Get your image on stainless steel water bottles and small and large ceramic mugs.

Heavy white ceramic mugs are the perfect way to show off your son or daughter. The mugs are available in two sizes. The small mug holds 11 ounces, the larger mug holds 15 ounces.

Our heavy duty water bottles come in your choice of two finishes. White or Clear metal. These are 14 ounce bottles with screw top and adjustable straw.

Curved Metal

Add a unique dimension to your memory mate, team pictures or Magzine covers by ordering as a curved metal. These are 8x10 dye sublimation metals bent in a curve so they stand on their own without a frame. The glossy surface makes color pop.

Ordering Information

ROES Ordering Guide

Ordering with WHCC Sports and Events ROES requires a separate catalog installation. You will use the same log in credentials. We have chosen to keep the catalogs separate because of the product makeup and packaging options. Please contact us if you're interested in receiving the installation link.

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  • Minimum Order: $25

    If your order does not reach the minimum, a minimum order charge will apply.

Pricing Information

Photo Prints
Size Price
2 Wallets $.38
4 Wallets .75
8 Wallets 1.50
3.5x5 .38
4x5 .38
4x6 .38
5x5 .38
5x7 .75
5x10 1.05
8x10 1.50
10x13 2.44
10x20 3.75
10x30 5.63
11x14 3.00
12x18 4.05
16x20 14.50
16x24 21.25
20x24 22.00
20x30 27.50
24x30 33.75
24x36 45.50
30x40 46.50
30x45 54.50


Other Photo Products
Product Price
Memory Mate $1.50
Magazine Cover 1.50
Curved Metal 12.50
Button 1.50
4x5 Magnet 1.50
Game Ticket Magnet 1.50
Trader Card Magnet 1.50
Magazine Cover Magnet 1.50
Water Bottle Insert 1.50
Small Coffee Mug 5.00
Large Coffee Mug 6.50
Water Bottle 10.00


Misc (Keychains, Tags + Other)
Product Price
12 Trader Cards $5.00
Small Acrylic Keychain 2.00
Large Acrylic Keychain 3.00
Metal Keychain 4.50
Photo Dog Tag 5.00
Metal Dog Tag 5.00
Small Bag Tag 2.50
Large Bag Tag 3.50
License Plate 10.00
Clipboard 15.00
5 Sided Cube 15.00
Pencil Holder 15.00


Wall Clings, Plaques + Posters
Product Price
8" Circle Wall Cling $10.00
8x10 Wall Cling 10.00
11x17 Rectangle Wall Cling 12.50
11x17 Custom Wall Cling 25.00
5x7 Contemporary Plaque 15.00
8x10 Contemporary Plaque 17.00
5x7 Traditional Plaque 8.50
8x10 Traditional Plaque 10.00
5x7 Standout Plaque 20.00
8x10 Standout Plaque 20.00
11x17 Posters (qty 1-9) 3.50
Posters (10-24) 2.50
Posters (25+) 1.75


Size Price
2x2' $16.00
2x3' 24.00
2x4' 26.00
2x5' 32.50
2x6' 39.00
3x4' 39.00
3x6' 58.50
3x8' 78.00
4x4' 52.00
4x6' 78.00
4x8' 105.00


Other Items + Services
Product/Service Price
Color Correction $.25 ea
Packaging with Label .30 ea
Packaging with Insert .50 ea
Prepay Envelopes - Blank .25 ea
Prepay Envelopes - Custom .45 ea