Case Study: Julie Klaasmeyer

Julie runs J.Klaasmeyer Portrait Design and a templates business called Design Revolution from the quaint town of Paola, Kansas. On top of being a well respected photographer, she also maintains an active home life with her husband Dale and their four children.

At A Glance

Business name: J.Klaasmeyer Portrait Design
Location: Paola, Kansas
Focus: Children, seniors and families

Strategy: Focus on high touch service; encourage clients to higher priced wall portraits, collages and other items; continue client connections through blog, Design Revolution and photography web site.

Favorite WHCC Products: Press Printed Books and Photographic Printing with Finishing Services for Collages.

Julie's Background

After a few years of "being the mom who kept One Hour Photo in business" Julie Klaasmeyer started a formal photography business, J.Klaasmeyer Portrait Design, in 2001 in Paola, Kansas. Since opening the business out of her home, Julie has added a 1,200 square foot studio to her home and grew the staff to four employees. Though the photography business has increased rapidly she has seen an even larger gain in the sales of templates available on a website she set up specifically for that part of the business called Design Revolution. Her photography clientele today is 60 percent children, 25 percent high school seniors and 15 percent families.

How She Grows Her Business

Instead of bothering with traditional marketing, Julie relies heavily on word-of-mouth and her presence online. She focuses on her websites for her photography business and Design Revolution as well as a blog she set up in 2007. Her blog is the crux of her advertising, displaying photographs from recent projects, making event announcements, and showcasing new templates.

Another way she’s found success is in giving away free sessions to the kind of clients she wants. She does this by handing out packets with samples and free session passes to well connected clients who in turn gift them to a friend. It’s a way to keep the circle of clients and potential leads growing.

How WHCC Has Made an Impact

The WHCC Hardcover Press Printed Books and large collages have sold especially well to high school seniors. The collages offer an assortment of images that complement each other and are displayed on art boards of 10”x20”– 16”x30”. "The collages become nice art pieces for kid rooms," she adds. "We customize them by hanging them by a big, fat ribbon."

One of her most successful up sell opportunities has been adding a free WHCC Printed DVD when a client reaches $1,500 in sales. Since most seniors purchase a collage at an average cost of $525 it doesn’t take much to have an order go above $1,500 for the DVD.

Julie adds that WHCC has inspired her creativity and she looks forward to additional Press Printed Book sizes to add to her business.