Case Study: V Gallery

V Gallery started in the cramped basement of Vicki and Jed Taufer’s home in Morton, Illinois in 2000. Today, they own a studio on Main Street in Morton with more than 7,000 square feet of studio and office space, staffed with nine-employees.

At A Glance

Business name: V Gallery
Location: Morton, Illinois
Focus: Family, children, seniors, weddings

Strategy: Increase sales through using displays at area boutiques and businesses that serve as advertorials. Increase sales per client through larger prints and package offering.

Favorite WHCC Products: Press Printed Products and Greeting Cards, Proofing Prints

Their Background

The Taufers are a dynamic duo who have established themselves both regionally and internationally for their exceptional work. The couple divides their business with Vicki doing the photography and marketing while Jed focuses on Photoshop and workflow. They’ve grown their business to be a regional powerhouse owning a rare end of the business, the high-end market.

Sharing Their Success

Vicki uses her high energy for inspirational speaking at events and classes held by photography associations around the world. Her public speaking has been so successful that she and Jed launched Haven, an educational studio where professional photographers can take classes on everything from lighting and posing to marketing and sales.

Their Best Marketing Tool

V Gallery has found great success in creating relationships with local boutiques, hair salons, and home stores. They all have open walls that are up for the taking, so it only makes sense to put them to use. The V Gallery offers them six to eight framed images, along with cards and brochures with contact information.

"People will come into the store and ask about the photographs," she says. "The store owner can then give them one of our WHCC Press Printed Cards or Bookmarks. Some of the framed images will be for sale so the owner can get a commission for selling them. It’s a great deal because it advertises our studio and fills their walls."

Those same fine art images that are sold in the stores are also given as gifts by the Taufers to friends who help advertise their studio. It’s the perfect way to spread the word with contact info and an artist biography section posted to the back of the frame

How WHCC Has Made an Impact

Several WHCC products have garnered the attention of clients and driven sales. The photographic images on metallic paper have become a favorite among clients looking for a more contemporary presentation. Prints 11”x14” and larger – mounted on masonite with a pebble texture and lustre spray coating -- have sold especially well. "The images just pop when you use the masonite and luster," she says.

The Press Printed greeting cards, especially printed on Pearl paper, have received kudos from clients who "noticed the difference," she says, compared to other cards. WHCC’s attention to detail in getting the cards done correctly has contributed to increasing sales, she says.