Learn + Grow

Like Dr. Seuss, we believe "the more you learn, the more places you'll go". Educating photographers, our clients, and our staff has always been important to us and we feel helps to make us all successful in our businesses. By sponsoring speakers, events, and educational resources such as The Joy of Marketing, PhotoVision, and [F] Network, we help to bring quality education to the photography industry and help us all grow. 

Online Education

On top of sponsoring speakers and events, we also provide free online education to help you grow your business. Our shows air every Monday at 11:00am Central Time and last for about one hour. Each show contains an educational segment followed by a live Q&A discussion with our moderator and the presenter where viewers can ask questions live through Twitter.

Some of the topics of the shows include lighting techniques, posing techniques, workflow and post-production, marketing and sales, Photoshop, and topics on specific types of photography such as babies and children. We'll also have shows that help you learn more about WHCC products, our ordering systems, and how to troubleshoot common issues we see with orders. If there is a specific topic you'd like to suggest, please let us know!

Viewing a live Monday event is easy and available to anyone. Simply login with your WHCC account information or just register as a guest. Our upcoming show schedule is to the right on this page.

Don't worry if you miss a live show. All of our past presentations are online in our Archive and are available 24/7 to our clients. If you're not a WHCC client yet, becoming one is easy.


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  • Nov



    Wisconsin PPA

    Holiday Inn Hotel and Convention Center
    1001 Amber Ave. 
    Stevens Point, WI 54482

    Sunday Nov. 6th Event 8:30am - 10pm
    Monday Nov. 7th Event 8:30am - 3:30pm

  • Nov



    APPI Illinios PhotoWorld

    Noble Center
    1125 W. Lake Ave.
    Peoria, IL

    Sunday Nov. 13th Event 9am -9pm
    Monday Nov. 14th Event 8am-2pm

  • Nov



    Ohio Professional Photographers

    Creekside Events Center
    101 Mill St. #300
    Gahanna, Ohio 43230

    Sunday Nov. 13th 1pm-5pm
    Monday Nov. 14th 11am-2pm

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