WHCC You Tube Live Lindsay Walden 2024 0003

The Psychology of Luxury with Lindsay Walden

Learn how she offers clients the most luxurious fine art portrait experience!

ARTICLE thumbnail Kendra Lightshed Photography

A Blend of Two Businesses with Kendra St. John

Discover how Kendra masterfully balances business and family in her ever-evolving portrait and commercial photography venture in Salem, MA.

WHCC Eva Magana You Tube Live May 2024

Finding Your Niche with Eva Magaña

Watch to find out how Eva has carved out her niche market in San Antonio!

WHCC Cassandra Verhage You Tube Live May 2024

Trusting Your Process with Cassandra Verhage

Hear how her passions, artistry, and family intertwine into her business processes!

WHCC YouTube Live and On Display Paul Ruhter High-Performance Products

High-Performance Products with Paul Ruhter

Hear how Paul's creativity and passion balances his senior portrait and sports volume photography business!

SYNC Roundtable Discussion with Jody Rael, NP Design & Carrie Grant Photography

Roundtable Discussion with High School Senior Photographers

Top photographers engage in an in-depth discussion about their unique styles and successful journeys!

IUSA 2024 Imaging Sean Brown Productions Interview

Catering to Gen Z

Discover how Sean Brown positions his brand to the Gen Z market while staying mindful of the world around us.

IUSA 2024 imaging Sam Marvin Photography Interview TN

Improving Efficiency in Your Business

Hear how Sam Marvin is all about automation and efficiency to meet his business goals.

IUSA 2024 Imaging NP Design Photography Interview

Business Sustains the Art

Hear the Petersons discuss the importance of knowing your business and taking advantage of the education around you.

IUSA 2024 Imaging Mueller Photography Imaging USA Interview TN

Show It to Sell It

Discover the benefits of Adam Mueller's sales process and why he offers clients a personalized walk-through of his studio space.

WHCC IUSA 2024 Mike Hanline co owner interview IMG 9717

Leading a Relationship Business

Hear Mike's story as a vendor, mentor, and leader for WHCC and his five-decade journey with Imaging USA.

IUSA 2024 imaging KDI Photography Imaging USA Interview TN 2

The Power of Personal Projects

Discover how these projects are fueling KDI Photogarphy's passions and fostering reconnection with their community.

IUSA 2024 Imaging Benny Ani Imaging USA Interview TN

Becoming a Full-Service Studio

Hear how BennyAni Photography went from selling digital assets only to a full-service studio.

IUSA 2024 imaging Thompson Photography Design Interview

Setting a New Benchmark

All while running two businesses, Darren & Lisa Thompson aim to take their business to the next level.

IUSA 2024 imaging Meghan Tracey Photography Imaging USA Interview TN

Have a Goal in Mind

Meghan & Tracey Photography shares their strategic approach to goal-setting for their style of business.

IUSA 2024 Imaging Watrous Photography Interview

Pageant Headshots & Product Sales

Denise Watrous discusses her love for pageant headshots and the product sales within her niche.

IUSA 2024 Booth Fine Art Wall Image

Trending Wall Art & Product Styles

We hit the road to show off our top products of the year. See what the buzz is about inspirational products, design collections, and more!

ARTICLE WHCC 2023 Jenna Lasouer You Tube Live 18

Not Your Average Portrait Experience with Jenna Lesoeur

Hear how Jenna's premiere senior photography experience and voguish style has led to her success on the West Coast!

WHCC 2023 Sarah J Photography Youtube Live 35

Create a Career with Sarah Jane Photography

Learn how to Sarah makes strategic, well-planned decisions to manage her path to a success.

2022 WHCC Youtube Live 4 Girls Glamour Running a Successful Boudoir Business

Running a Successful Boudoir Business

Hear how this husband & wife team, owners of 4 Girls Glamour, runs a successful niche business and the steps they took to build the best boudoir sales plan.

ARTICLE mockups tools to help sell holiday cards

How to Use Our Card Marketing Mockups

Learn how you can feature and share your favorite images in our free, social media Holiday Card mockups.

Add-On holiday gifts live YouTube small products

Add-On Gifts to Sell This Holiday Season

We’re making a list and checking it twice! Find out what the perfect add-on products are to include in your holiday packages.

Holiday card design styled with gold leaves and tree decor

Card Sales Made Simple!

Discover our top 3 workflows to boost holiday earnings.

WHCC 2023 You Tube Live Jody Mindy article hero

10 Tips for Conceptual Destination Photoshoots with Jody Rael Photography

Hear how Jody Rael and Mindy Brunkhardt create and execute unique experiences and inspire clients with distinctive content.

Fall mini session package including album, cards, and acrylic block with family portraits

Making Money with Your Mini Sessions

See our three favorite product packages to sell this fall to simplify your product line-up and earn more sales.

ARTICLE WHCC YouTube Live & On Display Darren Lisa Thompson Art In Numbers

Art in Numbers with Darren and Lisa Thompson

Learn how this entrepreneurial couple excels in running their businesses with a numbers-driven approach.

Collage of nature and abstract artwork images featuring mountains, hills, sunsets, and a giraffe

Top 3 Printing Surfaces for Nature & Limited Edition Art

Find the perfect printing options to add depth and enhance your images vibrantly.

YouTube Live Jeff and Michelle Richardson Align your energy and authenticity

Align Your Energy and Authenticity with Jeff and Michelle Richardson

Learn how this power couple intentionally markets and shoots to create mind-blowing experiences and images for their clients!

Printing Surfaces YouTube Live and On Display

How to Choose the Best Printing Surfaces for Your Style

Compare our most popular printing surfaces and hear our experts opinions to discover the best printing material for your brand.

BTS HP Indigo 7k Thumbnail Printers

Press Printer Upgrades: HP Indigo 7K Install

With these upgraded printers, we can reduce waste and print your orders quicker while maintaining consistent color output and overall print quality.

Custom Debossing Live Albums

A Guide to Custom Debossing

Find out more about our bespoke Debossing cover options for a tailor-made style to elevate your offerings!

YouTube Live Article Sean Brown Are You Interchangeable

Are You Interchangeable? — an interview with Sean Brown

Hear how he helps photographers elevate their brand identities.

WHCC You Tube Live KDI Photography Keiji Iwai and Kristen Dacey Iwai

From Selling to Serving with Keiji Iwai & Kristen Dacey Iwai

Hear how this husband and wife portrait photographer duo creates and atmosphere to best serve their clients.

WHCC You Tube Live Adam Stagner Hero- Nature Photography Article

For the Love of a Lifestyle with Adam Stagner

Hear how this nature lover, portrait photographer, and digital artist is making a trade to create the lifestyle he loves!

Youtube Live Adam Mueller Photography Studio Makeover

Designing Your Client's Dream Wall Groupings with Adam Mueller

Adam's studio is at 100% growth in the last year since his Studio Makeover! Learn how he is continuing to smash his sales.

WHCC Live NP Design Photography Nate and Teresa Peterson Youtube

Merchandising Strategy Built for Profit with Nate and Teresa Peterson

Learn how their sales techniques have changed since they redesigned their entire space with our Studio Makeover team.

WHCC 2022 YouTube Live Matt Mathews Boudoir

Building a Brand Empire with Matt Mathews

With Matt’s knowledge of social media, hear how he unveils the naked truth on brand building.

WHCC 2023 YouTube Live and On Display David Campli Interview

Focused on Success with David Campli

Learn how he thrives through a unique blend of technology, marketing, and community involvement in the Philadelphia suburb of Malvern, PA.

WHCC YouTube Live Kristi Abbott 2022

Find Your Style as an Entrepreneur of Art with Kristi Abbott

Hear Kristi’s process of turning her physical masterpieces into digital art. Learn how to improve your compositional eye to pursue your business dreams.

Tomayia Colvin standing in front of wall art collage featuring her portrait photography

Find Your Voice with Dr. Tomayia Colvin

Join us in learning about building and nurturing a community with Dr. Tomayia Colvin—a nationally published senior portrait photographer, educator, and so much more.

WHCC YouTube Live Kira Derryberry 2023

The Art of Change with Kira Derryberry

How to find personal fulfillment while restructuring your business within an ever-evolving world.

2022 WHCC Youtube Live 4 Girls Glamour Spice Up Album Sales

Spice Up Your Album Sales

Get tips from 4 Girls Glamour on how they created empowering product lineup with attractive and alluring albums.

Adam Stagner Imaging USA Interview

Adam Stagner | IUSA 2023 Interview

Hear what Adam's top three printing mediums are and what his favorite WHCC display product is!

Allison Tyler Jones Imaging USA Interview

Allison Tyler Jones | IUSA 2023 Interview

Allison built a business on creating stylish portraits and shares how she found confidence in her artistry.

John Hartman Imaging USA Interview 2023

John Hartman | IUSA 2023 Interview

John shares how he mastered the art of lighting portraits and educates others on his special techniques.

Kara Davel Imaging USA Interview headshot

Kara Davel | IUSA 2023 Interview

Kara's got a striking photography style and offers a sneak peek into creating her popular commercial appeal.

IUSA 2023 Article Cover

Imaging USA 2023

Take a tour of our booth and hear what some photographers are doing to set themselves up for an even more successful 2023.

Float Frames & Gallery Wraps Wall Groupings hanging over yellow couch

How to Price & Sell Wall Collages

Learn how to price and sell our most popular Wall Collages based on our market research. We went Live & On Display with Matt and Robert to break down the “show it to sell it” merchandising agenda and why studio samples are so important.

WHCC Live Youtube Thumbnail 8

Storytelling with Our Album Editor

Learn how to build, price, and sell Albums & Books to boost your business.

Science of Beauty with Rod Evans YouTube portrait hero

The Science of Beauty with Rod Evans

Learn the elegance of Fine Art editing & Cinematic Color Toning.

Tootsie Pop A sucker in every box burning questions lollipop day

What's with the Tootsie Pop in every box?

Unwrap the story of how one small gesture has become a sweet tradition.