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Flo McCall Photography Studio Makeover

We flew to Jackson Hole, WY, to help this family portrait photographer create a thoughtful merchandising strategy.

YouTube Studio Makeover Flo Mccall Jackson Hole Wyoming

The Mountains Are Calling in Our New Makeover Series

Flo, the owner of Florence McCall Photography, has reinvented her sales model and built confidence with her clients. Hear how she reevaluated the products she sells to reach 90% growth within the last 4 years.

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    Episode 1: Galleries With A Purpose

    Meet Flo and take a walk through her redesigned studio space. Hear how her vacationer clientele influenced her new product offerings and sales model. Learn how she adapted and became more involved and committed to her community.

    Studio Tips

    1. You are the expert

    Your clients want to know your opinion. Be suggestive and guide them on what you think is best for their images, products, and options.

    2. Gold Coast walls

    View your space in the eyes of your clients. Which walls are they constantly looking at? Strategize how you can best utilize those walls to enhance your sales.

    3. Be selective

    When choosing studio samples, use images of clients you enjoyed working with. You will want sessions that bring good memories, so selling those collages will be easier.

    Episode 2: 90% Growth and Real Talk

    We’re in the heart of Flo’s studio sales space and talking through the trials and errors of her previous redesigns. Hear how she discovered that having her samples within reach eased her sales process and her client’s minds.

    Studio Tips

    1. Learn and adapt

    Change with the times, and adapt to what your clients are buying. If it’s not selling, remove it. Determine what products are selling and learn why it’s popular with your clients.

    2. Trial and error

    Feel free to take risks with sample products to see what is selling. Your clients will tell you what they love based on what they buy. Learn from these trials and errors to boost sales.

    3. Turn samples into profits

    When you go through a redesign, reach out to your clients that have been featured as samples in your studio. Selling these samples can help pay for the new ones!

      Episode 3: Evaluate. Adapt. Boost Your Product Sales!

      Declutter your studio space to create a bigger impact with your sales presentation. Hear why you should have samples at your fingertips, a thoughtful merchandising strategy, and streamlined options within view.

      Studio Tips

      1. Declutter your space

      Look at every space in your studio and find ways to ease your client’s eyes through decluttering. Your custom artwork should be the focus, not the various amounts of products you can fit in one area.

      2. Don't overwhelm your clients

      Simplify and narrow down your product line. You don’t need to sell every wall product option, as too many products can deter your clients.

      3. Have samples within reach

      During a sales session, keep products within reach. Allow your clients to feel, see, and compare products up close without distractions.

        Episode 4: Your Artistry On Display

        If you find success with one wall collage or discover a printing surface your clients love, consider evolving your studio samples to accommodate! Flo has found success in selling products and layouts she loves. Hear Flo's thoughts on the redesign and how her new space speaks to her clientele.

        Studio Tips

        1. One session equals one grouping

        Create a gallery wall from one photo session. A curated gallery space is something your clients can envision in their own homes.

        2. Inspire with large displays

        Display a 40×60 sample option for an impressive visual for your clients. Create impact and inspiration with large wall pieces so your clients can compare and visualize in their homes.

        3. Reach out for help

        Running a business alone is tough. WHCC and photography groups can be incredible resources. Ask for advice and support regarding business education, industry trends, and more.

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