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The Best Ways to Display Fine Art Prints

5 tips to add character to any space and elevate your prints as finished pieces.

Fine Art Print in Aged Metallic Float Frame in dining room

Any type of media is great as a loose print, but when you mount your art and display it properly, that’s when it excels the most. From a selection of paper surfaces to finishing options, our Fine Art Prints add character to any space. Make your images part of your client’s everyday life by offering your Fine Art Prints to be enjoyed as a wall or tabletop display.

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Black and white wedding Fine Art Prints in Silver Modern Metal Frame styled in home on mantel

Finish with a Frame

One of the easiest ways to elevate your art and make it last is by finishing your Fine Art Print in a frame. From more traditional to sleek and modern, you can finish your client’s images with the choice of paper type and moulding option that best fits their image and space.

We have over 30 frame styles that will add elegance to your fine art portrait, wedding, landscape, and artistic images. Plus, you can pair your frame with any of our matting options, including the new ⅛" thick mat that will give your display an added layer of high-end quality.

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Natural Wood Float Frame with Fine Art Print hanging on wall

Display in a Float Frame

Great as a standalone display, a statement piece, or as the center of any photo collage, Float Frames add a finished look that will tie together your client’s home decor. Our 11 Float Frame options offer a ⅛" gap between the print and frame, creating a subtle illusion that your image is floating inside.

Choose from Wood and Metallic options ideal for newborn, family, high school senior, and wedding portraits as a stunning piece of wall art.

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Fine Art Print mounted on Light Wood Standout

Finish with Standout

Give your clients a frameless alternative with Standout. With 5 edging options, your clients are receiving a high-quality display that comes with a price they won’t need convincing over.

Standout is lightweight and versatile, making it an ideal product to add on to collages, rearrange, or hang independently. Complement your client’s image by mounting your choice of paper type with the popular black edging option, or go with the look of wood.

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Florals square Photo Rag Baryta Fine Art Print in wood display stand on side table

Display in a Stand

Showcase your art or give clients a creative way to display their favorite photos with Wood Display Stands! These tabletop stands are a versatile way to turn mounted and matted Fine Art or Photo Prints into an artful display.

Match your client’s taste with the Maple, Bamboo, or Walnut color options. Wood Display Stands come in 4 lengths to fit various print sizes. Your clients can swap out images or relive their most memorable moments at any time.

You can fit prints as small as 4×6" up to 11×14" to ensure every favorite moment is cherished. The added touch of natural wood will bring warmth to any bookshelf or table.

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Loose prints on side table next to fabric cover Image Box

Present in a Box

Image Boxes and Wood Boxes are an affordable way to safely preserve and display your client’s favorite prints and more. Our Boxes are also designed to hold different amounts and sizes of loose, mounted, and matted prints. Suggest this type of product to clients who are limited on wall space.

Design your own with a custom photo cover or finish with the special touch of fabric or leather material option for a classic design that'll never go out of style. Families can add prints to their box every time they have a photo session to create a heirloom collection of their favorite pictures and memories.

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