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Discover new unbranded marketing resources to help you sell Holiday Cards this season.

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Create Visibility Around Your Brand with These Valuable Tools

Marketing is essential during the holidays because it not only helps you compete in a crowded Holiday Card consumer market but also allows you to communicate the value of your services, build client loyalty, and create a unique, customized experience for clients.

4 Tools to Help Sell

  1. Social Mockups
  2. Video Marketing Toolkit
  3. Email Copy Template
  4. Design & Card Sale Solutions
ARTICLE mockups tools to help sell holiday cards

1. Explore Our New Mockups for Social Media Marketing

Feature your favorite images in our free Holiday Card mockups to inspire and educate clients about the benefits of ordering cards through you.

Explore & Create Mockups

How can I use a mockup?

  1. Post on Social Media
  2. Text directly to your clients
  3. Add mockup images to a marketing email
  4. Add to your website
  5. Create your own Instagram story

Learn More & Watch a Demo

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2. Video Marketing Kit

You asked, and we answered—introducing free, unbranded video footage you can use in your marketing to help inspire sales.

We produced behind-the-scenes video content of the card production process for you to share with your clients. You can be proud to share the talented team and printing experts handcrafting all your cards!

The kit includes horizontal and vertical video options for you to choose from in various formats. Use them on your social media platforms, website, marketing campaigns, and more.

Download the Unbranded Video Kit

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3. Email Copy Template

Clients deserve high-quality cards! Keep them from settling for generic greetings from big-box stores. Use our free marketing copy below to paste into your next email and start the conversation.

Try Our Email Template

Email Subject Lines:

  • Just Dropped: Holiday Cards
  • Cards to Light Up the Season of Joy
  • First Class Merry Mail
  • Make the Merriest Mantel
  • Be the Best Card On Display
  • Capture the Magic of the Season with Custom Holiday Cards
  • Making Spirits Bright
  • Don’t Settle for Store-bought Holiday Cards
  • Let’s Send Some Joy with Custom Holiday Cards!
  • Holiday Cards, no problem!

Email Copy:

Happy Holidays [Insert Client’s Name],

We’ve got something special to celebrate! The holidays are upon us, and we're thrilled to offer you the chance to create personalized, handcrafted holiday cards that are as unique as your cherished memories. Why stick with generic, store-bought cards when you can mail some joy with designs that are personal and your own?

    Our exclusive holiday card designs are not available on consumer sites. This means your cards will stand out and be truly one-of-a-kind! We can review my holiday card design collection and find one to complement your style. I’ll even include return address printing on your envelopes so you can spend less time worrying about your cards and more time with your loved ones. You can order your cards through me until [insert deadline date].

      Feel free to share my card link with friends and family who may be interested. I would love to help you create memorable and meaningful greetings no one else offers.

      Thank you for choosing [Your Photography Studio] to be a part of your holiday celebrations. We look forward to helping you create cards that will warm the hearts of your friends and family. I wish you a joyful holiday season filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

      Warm regards,

      [Your Name]

      [Your Photography Studio]

      [Contact Information]

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      4. Use Our Design & Ordering Solutions

      Explore our 3 online workflows to enhance your fourth-quarter card sales. Learn high-impact strategies to save you and your clients time. Use our online sales tool to collaborate and share hundreds of customizable card designs.

      Watch Card Sales Made Simple

        WHCC Holiday Card Press Pack

        Get Samples in Your Clients Hands!

        Inspire new sales with our latest non-branded Holiday Card collection of samples featuring new foil designs, our new Premium Matte Eggshell paper, and a modern style to impress your clients.