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Wedding Displays That Wow

Transform wedding memories into art

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When it comes to selling wedding displays, it’s not just about the product but also about the couple’s story. By showcasing the potential of these wedding displays to transform any space, you're not just selling a photograph—you're selling a piece of art that will be cherished for generations. When a couple sees a display like this, they will immediately want it for themselves.

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Shown on left: Aged Metallic Silver Float Frames featuring 2-24×30" Premium Gallery Wraps and 4-11×14" Lustre Photo Prints. On right: 2-24×30" Modern Metal Silver Frames with Fine Art Aquarelle Rag Paper

Designing for Larger Spaces

Envision a breathtaking wedding display gracing the main wall of a couple’s living space, drawing the admiration of the bride and anyone who steps inside. Here, luxurious options such as Float Frames and Framed Prints truly shine, transforming wedding memories into art.

Guide your clients towards creating a collage that merges their most treasured wedding moments into a visual masterpiece that’s uniquely theirs. You’re not just selling a product; you’re crafting a narrative that speaks to the heart of their memories.

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Shown on left: Modern Metal Silver Frames in 16×16", 2-5×7", and 12×18" with various mat options. On right: 20×24" Modern Metal Silver Frame with multi-opening mat.

Designing for Smaller Spaces

For the couple limited on wall space, suggest a series of small Framed Prints or a singular print encased in a multi-open mat designed for wedding memories. These versatile choices offer the flexibility to evolve the display, ensuring that every corner of their home tells a segment of their love story.

By presenting them with the possibility of showcasing multiple images in a single display, you’re both adding value to their purchase and increasing your bottom line. With countless styles available, it becomes effortless to customize each wedding display to harmonize with couple’s style, adding a meaningful and everlasting touch to their home decor.

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Shown: 20×30" Acrylic Print with Gold Deluxe Metal Stand-off Posts

Creating a Statement Piece

Your clients may feel hesitant about investing in a full-wall wedding collage. Ease their concerns by emphasizing the flexibility and intimacy of a single display option. Show them that regardless of their space limitations, there are benefits to a single display solution that perfectly complements their style and vision. One sole art piece of their favorite image will instantly transform any room, providing a focal point that will catch the eye and add a touch of personality to their desired space.

Popular statement pieces include Acrylic Prints with luxurious color details and contrast under ¼ " acrylic, Metal Prints, or a more traditional wall art display such as Gallery Wraps.

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Offering wall displays isn’t just about expanding your clients’ options but about maximizing your profitability. Take the time to reassess your product offerings and identify opportunities to provide additional value to your ideal clients.

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