Drop Shipping

Forgo delivering orders in person and have your client's orders shipped to their doorstep. Drop Shipping is an affordable and convenient white-label service, saving you a trip to the post office or scheduling a client pick-up time.

  • Available for all products, including Prints, Cards, Albums & Books, Wall Art, and more.
  • Shipping labels will include your business name and return address in most cases
  • Packages do not include an invoice, paperwork, or any mention of WHCC
  • Expedited shipping options are available

Available at checkout when ordering online or via ROES. Please note that multiple orders cannot be combined into a single drop ship package.

Quick Facts

Starts From
Turnaround Time
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Ship Directly to Your Client's Door

Save yourself time by Drop Shipping instead of delivering orders in person. Drop shipping is the process of shipping an order to an address other than the one that is associated with your account. For just a low fee, you can utilize this white-label service and allow us to take care of the shipping for you!

  • No invoice is included in your client’s package, nor any mention of WHCC on the box or paperwork.
  • Drop shipping available for $7.95 per order anywhere in the contiguous US.
  • When drop shipping with the lowest cost shipping service, the $16 minimum order fee is waived.

Want to get it to your clients sooner? Upgrade to Expedited Shipping for faster delivery and to minimize the chance of any shipping-related delays.

Premium Packaging Charcoal on Tufted Bench With Hands Holding Edges Charcoal Premium Packaging on Tufted Bench in bedroom

Save on Premium Packaging

Add Premium packaging to streamline your workflow and impress your clients with a beautiful unboxing experience and gift-ready presentation. Our Premium Packaging service is available for select products and discounted when combined with Drop Shipping.


What is Drop Shipping?

Shipping your order to an address other than the address on file for your account is called drop shipping. We provide this affordable, white-labeled service to save you time and enable you to create a more efficient client ordering workflow.

When I drop ship an order, will the recipient know it came from WHCC?

No, this is a white-labeled service, so there is no mention of WHCC inside or outside your clients' packages. The packaging is unbranded with no invoices included, and in most cases your business name and return address will be printed on the shipping label.

Why is the Premium Packaging price different for drop shipping versus ship to studio orders?

The drop shipped Premium Packaging price is discounted because some of the additional expense for additional labor is part of the drop ship fee. A drop shipped Premium Packaging order is $7.95 for the drop ship plus $5.25 for the packaging, while shipping to studio Premium Packaging is a total of $8.25.