Print Surface Comparison

WHCC is proud to offer a variety of printing substrates for your photographic images. From traditional to contemporary, each surface has its own characteristics and finished look.

An image printed on metal will look decidedly different when printed on wood. Both versions will look different from a photo print of the same image. This is both to be expected and celebrated. Each substrate has its own ‘personality’, which shows through in the final product.

We’ve put careful consideration into selecting each paper type and printing surface we offer. The result is a line of rich and diverse presentation options for your photographic art. Here, we compare the visual results you can expect from four distinct substrate options.

Product Comparison

Comparison 1

Comparison 2

Comparison 3

Lustre Photo Prints


Our most popular photographic paper. A semi-gloss surface with bold colors and true skin tones. Printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive professional paper for superior quality and longevity. Lustre paper is featured in several products including Photographic Prints, Standouts, Bamboo Panels, and Framed Prints.


The traditional photo print that will never go out of style. A time-honored method of preserving photographic imagery. Professional finishing options include a protective Lustre coating, three different print textures, and a variety of mounting substrates.


Perfect for framed wall portraits of any size, tabletop displays with a small easel back frame, and gift prints for family members. The beauty of a Lustre Photo Print is matched only by its versatility.



Our most popular fine art canvas option is Premium Fine Art Canvas with Semi-Gloss Laminate. We use an inkjet process for outstanding color accuracy and true black & white. Your image is printed onto fine art canvas with a tight, consistent weave. The semi-gloss laminate offers protection and a slightly reflective finish for the surface of the canvas.


A Premium Gallery Wrap turns an image into a masterpiece. The canvas is wrapped around a wood stretcher frame for a gallery-quality presentation. The sides can be finished with an optional black or white border or the edges of the image wrapping around.


A popular high-end wall display that doesn’t require a frame. A professional showcase for fine art portraiture that works in a gallery or home setting. Display a large Gallery Wrap as a statement piece or combine multiple for a wall collage.



Your image is inkjet printed, then pressed to aluminum using an innovative dye sublimation process. The ink fuses with a coating on the aluminum’s surface, providing long-term protection and durability of the image. The result is a vivid display with dimension.


The brilliance of our Metal Prints is unparalleled! Vibrant colors pop for a presentation no other medium can produce. The glossy finish is highly reflective. Your most captivating images are clear and detailed, taking on life-like dimension.


Metal Prints add an ultra-modern look to any setting. Brighten up a workspace with sleek, stylish, contemporary art. Create breathtaking scenes in a studio or gallery space. A large Metal Print makes a dramatic stand-alone statement. Multiple Metal Prints create an attention-grabbing wall collage.

Example: Digital File vs. Metal Bases

The following comparison shows how a digital file looks printed on metal. Note that on the left, White Base adds vibrancy to the colors. On the right, Clear Base allows the aluminum to show through the lighter areas of the image.

White Base
Digital File
Clear Base



Your image is inkjet printed, then pressed to wood using an innovative dye sublimation process. The ink fuses with a thin protective coating on the wood’s surface, preserving the image long-term. The wood grain adds a warm natural look to your image.


A Wood Print is a solid, 1/2” thick panel of real maple. Each panel has its own natural grain, making it a truly one-of-a-kind work of art. The grain shows through the white and light areas of your image. The overall look is soft and warm.


Wood Prints are the perfect wall display for outdoor and natural light photography, whether landscape, scenery or portraiture. Images with a rustic, vintage or all-natural vibe translate into beautiful, authentic art.

Example: Digital File vs. Wood Print

The following comparison shows how a digital file looks printed on wood. Wood Prints add a naturally warm overall tone. Note how the wood grain shows through the lighter areas of the image. Because of its authentic nature, the grain of each print will vary.

Digital File
Wood Print