ROES is acting a little buggy, any ideas?

A simple clearing of your Java and browser cache may resolve most ROES issues.

How do I clear my Java Cache?

PC Java Cache: Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Java > Cache tab or General Tab “Clear JAR Cache” or “Delete Files”

Mac Java Cache:
Macintosh Hard Drive > Applications Folder > Utilities > Java > Java Plug-in Settings > Cache > Clear Cache

Once you cleared your cache, restart your computer.

How do I update Java?

Windows: Visit the Sun Java Download Site

Run Apple Software Updates. This will automatically check for the most recent version of Java available for your version of OSX.

I'm on a PC and I've tried everything. ROES still won't launch, what next?

On rare occasions, PC users will continue to experience problems launching ROES even after emptying the cache. Try a complete uninstall and relaunch of Java to restore your Java settings.

If you are a Mac user, do not uninstall Java.

To uninstall and relaunch Java on your PC: Go to the Java Download page and download the Windows Offline Installation to your desktop.

Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel
. Double-click on Add or Remove Programs. Delete any program that says “Java, J2SE” in the description.

If you have previously had a successful ROES launch, find the .whcc and the .roescache folders in C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\, where [user name] is the name you use to log in and delete them both. Restart your computer. 
Install Java by double-clicking the file you downloaded from the Windows Offline Installation page. When prompted, choose the Typical installation.
 After installation is complete, restart your computer.

Finally, go to the ROES launch page and launch ROES.