Shopify Integration

WHCC now offers a Shopify App that allows you to create and sell your images as custom Wall Art.

What Can You Sell

At this time the WHCC Plugin will allow you to create and sell your images as WHCC Wall Art products. It is an ideal solution to help you sell a “stock item” like a framed fine art print or canvas wrap. It can be thought of like having your own custom art shop, where you want to sell the same image/product to multiple customers.

This tutorial will be most helpful to anyone who is already experienced with creating and managing a Shopify store. This tutorial will not cover in detail how to customize your Shopify store, it will only cover how to integrate a product with the WHCC app for product fulfillment. It is also our recommendation to navigate this tutorial from a Chrome web browser if possible, as Safari may not be as consistent.

Exclusive to WHCC Photographers

The WHCC Shopify App is exclusively available to WHCC clients, so it is not currently listed in the Shopify Marketplace. To add it, you will need to navigate directly to it. Make sure you are logged into your Shopify Account, and then install the App using this link. WHCC Shopify App

Installing the Plugin

Add the plugin from the Shopify store at the link above, then follow the steps below to complete your installation.

Once your store is connected, install the App.
Connect your WHCC Account.
Use your WHCC Account Credentials.

Create Product Variants

Once you have your app installed, it's time to begin connecting products. If you already have existing products, you can skip to the second step.

Create a product. You only need to customize the name initially and can return to edit other details.
Locate and check the Variants box. Here you will add all of the products you want to connect. I have done sizes, but you can add customization.

Connecting Products

Once you have a product with Variants, you can connect them to the WHCC App. Navigate to the Apps tab and select the WHCC App, then select the Connect Existing Products option.

Your search bar may not immediately show your available products. Try deleting the auto filled text if this is the case.
Once you have your product selected you can move forward. If you have multiple products ready, feel free to select them all.
This next loading screen really can take up to a full minute, so be patient!

Customizing Product Variants

Once your product is connected you can start to customize it. In this example I am making Framed Prints, but you will have access to the full WHCC Wall Art catalog when you enter the designer. Click customize next to the variant you want to start with, and this will open up the designer. If that does not immediately work, click the small arrow to the right of customise and launch the designer from there.

Inside the Designer

Once inside the designer you will have access to all available WHCC Wall Art Products, as well as all of their selections. You can navigate the menus to create the exact product you want to offer.

Choose your product and size, then navigate the additional selections listed in the right side menu.
Once you have completed your product creation, select the Save Variant to exit the designer.
If all of the variants you are offering are similar, just different sizes, you can select the Clone option to save you some time.
How Products and Variants Work

Right now you can create as many custom variants as you want, and link them each to a different WHCC product. How you handle this is completely up to you. If you want a single product to include a framed variant, a metal variant, and a canvas variant, you can. Our recommendation is that you enter the designer with an idea of what you are planning to offer so that you can create and label those variants with some intention, however you can always change those labels after.

Adjusting Pricing

The last step you have will be familiar, you are going to set your prices. When you return to your product, you will see that each variant has loaded with the wholesale price from our designer. Inside the product you can customize your published price, and see the profit margin.

In the WHCC App you will see the wholesale prices listed next to each completed Variant, as well as a preview of the product you created.
When you return to your Products, you can adjust those prices to reflect your retail pricing.


Right now, we do not have our shipping services or prices integrated into the WHCC Shopify App. When an order is submitted for an integrated product, it will enter into your WHCC Account with a Drop Ship service and your customers address information.

Your WHCC Account will be billed for the wholesale cost of the product as well as the $7.50 Drop Ship service fee, so we do recommend that you calculate that into your retail price as customize your products. This also means that there are no RUSH shipping options available at this time, and all orders will ship with FedEx Ground service or equivalent.