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Our most popular method for Card Sales.

This article will walk you through how to share a branded card shop with your client that enables them to view their images, shop and customize card designs, and approve orders. This method of card sales does not include any payment collection, but if you are interested in adding that process you can learn more by reading our article here.

First Things First

Personalizing the branding and paper offerings are important first steps for this method of card sales. You can do both in your Studio Settings.

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Get your branded card shop ready to share!

Set Up
Under the Branding tab of Studio Settings you will customize your studio name, add your logo, and pick your accent color.
Before saving your changes, confirm the business name you want included on card designs.
Under the Products + Pricing tab, select your paper offerings. We recommend 3-5 papers options. Click Save!

Card Collections

This is an option first step, but we do feel that its the best place to start your Card Sales set up. Y, and making a curated selection is a great way to personalize your client's experience. Head over to Card Collections to begin.

Navigate to the Collections tab of your Studio Settings. Once inside Collections, click the New Collection button.
Name your new collection and pick which category of cards you want to build from.
Select the cards you want to include in your collection by checking the boxes on the design previews. Save yoru collection when finished.

Project Settings

Now that you have a curated collection of cards, its time to update your Project Settings. Go to My Projects and select the project you want to work on. If you don't have a project yet, make one!

Inside your project Settings, select your custom collection from the Design Collection menu, then choose your image download preference.
From that same settings menu, choose Preview as Client to open your shared link.
Your shared link will now show your curated Collection and the image gallery.

Make It Personal

To really impress your client, create a card design or two to send along with their share link. From your project, head to the bottom of your screen and choose a card collection to browse designs.

Choose your favorite design and personalize it with images, foil, shape, layout, and copy. When your client receives their link, it will not only have a selection for them to choose from, it will also have ready to order designs.

When editing a card you can customize the imagery, layout, foil selection and foil color.
Update the text included and pick a fun shape.
Add an envelope and Return Address Printing to make your client's life easier.

When you are finished designing a card, click the Save to Project option in the Review window so save it for your client.

Ready to Share!

You now have a link to send to your client that includes a gallery of their images, a curated collection of card designs, a card or two that are ready to be ordered. Send this link to your client and wait for them to approve your prepared designs or create their own.

When your client has approved a card it will flag the design with an Approved label and reflect that within the project.

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Let Your Client Shop

If you prefer to let your client design their card and check out all at once, consider our third card sales method.

Be the Agent
Your client will see the card design and can customize it further or mark it for Approval.
Approved cards will show as such in their shared link.
The card will update internally with an Approved label so that you can submit the order.

Order Submission

When a card is approved it can be customized again by you or submitted to production. Pricing here will reflect your cost for the order, and you will be taken to a checkout screen to select shipping destination, speed, and to add notes or references.