Making a Card Collection

Card Collections are the perfect way to customize your client's card ordering experience.

Studio Settings

Navigate to your Studio Settings to get started.

Find studio settings by going to or by backing out of the project you are currently in.

New Collection

You can create as many Collections as you like and we recommend naming them something that matches your project name for easy selection.

Once inside Studio Settings, click on Collections
Click the button with the + sign to create a new collection
Give your new collection a name and select which category of designs you want to choose from

Preview + Select

To build your collection you will preview and select the card designs you like, and save your collection when it's finished. You can always edit a collection at a later time.

Preview card designs by hovering over thumbnails and click the Preview button. This will open a larger preview of the card design.
View the Back of the card design by hovering over the thumbnail. Select the card design by checking the box in the top right corner.
Select card designs by clicking the selection box on the thumbnail. Click Save when finished.

Assign to Project

The last step is to assign this new Collection to the right project. This step is quick and easily changeable, so head back over to your Projects and into your Project Settings.

Go to the Project of your choice and select Studio Settings
Set the Design Collection drop down to your new collection
Click the Preview As Client button and view the link as your client will see it.