Making the Best Lab Better, Every Day.

We're proud of our History.

Family Run

In December 2010 we officially became a family owned and operated company. During peak season we hit 500 staff members for the first time!


All Grown Up

We expanded the Eagan Headquarters and Production facility to 81,000 sq. feet! Meanwhile, we spread our wings and opened the first satellite photographic and press printing location in Dallas, Texas to better serve ever-expanding demand.


Ahhh, the Summer of '05

With continuous growth and opportunities, we decided to invest and offer digital offset printed products in early 2005. By summertime, an additional 3,000 sq. foot production facility was designed to handle these new products.


100% Digital

Demand for digital prints was rapidly growing and the need for film equipment was dwindling. By 2002, WHCC was a 100% digital color lab with 18 staff members serving mostly the upper midwest.


Mike Joins the Team

Mike Hanline, a lifelong photofinishing professional, joined Webb White as a WHCC partner in 1996 and concentrated on growing the business outside the Twin Cities. We ship our first packages, sometimes as many as 4 a day! Since Mike wore many hats, including shipping clerk, he starts adding a Tootsie Pop into each box as a surprise. This tradition continues today.



Leading the Industry

We are the premier professional photography and press printing lab serving photographers located beyond the United States to Canada, Europe, and other parts of the world.


West Coast, Here We Come!

In 2009, we opened our second satellite facility in Fresno, California putting us closer to thousands of clients west of the Rockies. Peak season staffing reaches 400 staff members.


A New, Custom-Built Home

During our peak season we were staffing almost 200 people! We couldn’t stop growing so we designed and built a new 47,000 sq. foot building in Eagan, Minnesota — our brand new headquarters.


Saying Goodbye to Our First Home

With new equipment and 60 staff members, we had outgrown our original 4,000 sq. foot home and moved into a larger 11,000 sq. foot location in South St. Paul, Minnesota to better serve our clients in all 50 states.


The Beginning of a Digital Era

In 1999 we made the decision to invest heavily in new technology and develop the systems to succeed during the transition away from film. This put our small company on the amazing path that got us where we are today.


The Early Days


Business Starts to Grow
Founder Webb White grew WHCC as a high quality and reliable local provider of photofinishing to Twin City area photographers, mostly catering to wedding photographers.


The Beginning
Studio owner, Webb White (hence our name) founded White House Custom Colour in the 1970s when he couldn't find a reliable source of photofinishing in the Twin Cities for his wedding photography business. Little did he know it would have the global success it has today.