Folded Cards

With a wide variety of sizes and fold styles to choose from, Folded Cards are a perfect way to wow your high-end clients.

  • Foil-pressed designs and shapes are available
  • Return address printing available for 5×7" envelopes
  • Standard white envelopes included or upgrade to premium, colorful euro flap envelopes in the 5×7" size
  • Minimum order of 25 cards
ROES Ordering Information

Press Printed, Boutique, or Foil Pressed Cards

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Use the Press Printed Cards and Products Catalog for standard Folded Cards, the Press Printed Boutique Cards Catalog to order with a shape, or the Foil Pressed Cards Catalog for foil design options.

4×5.5" Accordion
Starts From
Turnaround Time
1-3 Days

Foil-Pressed Designs and Boutique Shapes will take additional production time

Shipping Truck
Free 2-Day Shipping

Shipping speed upgrades are available or drop ship directly to your client. Shipping Options

Add Premium Packaging

Make an impression by taking advantage of our specialty packaging options for this product.

Sale Tag
Quantity Pricing

Price breaks are available for greater quantities ordered of the same design.

File Prep & Templates

Accepted Files
Prepare your work for printing by saving high-quality JPEG files with an embedded color profile.

  • Export files tagged with an RGB Color Profile—P3, Adobe RGB, and sRGB are all great options.
  • We recommend saving your files at a JPEG quality of 10 or higher in Photoshop, 90% in Lightroom, or the equivalent in your editing tool.
  • Most products are printed at 300 DPI, and we’ll automatically resize your files for printing. For more precise control, you can resize your files and apply any sharpening before submitting.

Sizing Templates
Be sure to use our sizing templates when preparing your custom design order. Each PSD template includes a layer of guides to ensure your cards arrive as expected following trimming. Learn more about our guidelines and visit Downloads to access these templates.

Premade Design Templates
We offer a selection of PSD templates you can download and customize for many occasions.

Foil Design Notes

  • For best results, place foil design over a flat color or image. Incorporating a copy of the foil into a printed design does not guarantee the desired appearance as the stamp may shift in process.
  • Due to the use of heat and pressure to apply the foil, a slight indentation may come through to the back of the card. Printing dark colors on the back of the card opposite the foil may further accentuate indentation.
  • Please note select paper types give a different appearance to the foil.

Sharable Unbranded Guides

The following unbranded links and PDF resources can be shared with your clients to simplify the design process.

Card Shapes Guide

Foil Design Template Guide

Printed Envelope Design Guide


Press Sample Sets
Various press printed paper and card sample sets are available. Visit our Samples page for more details.

More images, more text, more options.

Create folded card options to share all your clients' necessary details and information beautifully. Fill the inside of an Accordion or Trifold Card with multiple images that show off your clients' personalities or present your business offerings in a creative way.

Paper Types

6 papers options. Add gloss coating to select papers.

Foil Pressed

10 foil colors—including our newest additions, Arctic Blue & Lilac


A multitude of die-cut shapes are available for most sizes


Standard white envelopes included, or premium euro flap envelopes available in 9 colors


4×5.5", 5×5", 5×7", 5×6" wide format, 5×5" trifold, and 4×5.5" accordion

We offer a variety of supreme card stocks including several glossy and matte styles. Gloss Coating can be added to select papers for extra protection as well as a highly reflective finish.

WHCC Smooth Matte Card Paper Joy Detail
Best Seller

Smooth Matte Paper

Our premier, uncoated matte paper with soft surface texture.



WHCC Standard Semi Gloss Card Paper Joy Detail

Standard Semi-Gloss Paper

ROES Ordering Only

Smooth print surface with a semi-gloss finish. Gloss coating available.



WHCC Pearl Card Paper Joy Detail 2

Pearl Paper

A champagne, pearlescent base that adds a warm, shimmery look to your imagery. Gloss coating available.



WHCC Linen Card Paper Joy Detail

Art Linen Paper

An artistic matte paper with a classic linen texture. Not available for foil pressed designs.



Add a dazzling touch to your cards with one of our foil pressed designs.

  • Available for 5×7" Folded and 5×5" Trifold Cards
  • Several of our press papers can be foil pressed with the exception of linen
  • Most foil designs can be combined with select shapes
5x7 Folded & 5x5 Trifold holiday foil pressed card designs with paper snowflakes

10 foil color options to make your design shine, including our new Arctic Blue and Lilac options.

Classic Foil Colors

Seasonal Foil Colors

Break out of the mold by adding die-cut shapes to your cards.

  • Shapes are available for 5×7" Folded, 5×5 Folded", 5×7" Wide Format, and 5×5" Trifold
  • Dozens of shapes to choose from, you’ll find the perfect fit for your card design
  • Try simple rounded corners or one of the ornate cut-out options
5x5 Trifold Folded Card with Ornate E12 shape
Multiple Folded Card shape styles

White envelopes are included at no additional charge. Upgrade to 5×7" Premium Euro-flap envelopes in a variety of colors.

Premium Euro Flap Envelopes


Make the most of your message by upgrading your envelopes to our Premium Euro-flap style to make your greetings look great right out of the mailbox.

9 Colors: White, Kraft, Gray Cloud, Dusty Rose, Misty Blue, Navy, Black, Forest Green, & Crimson Red

Size: 5×7"—available for 5×7" or 5×5" cards

Standard White Envelope

Standard White Envelopes


White envelopes are included at no additional charge for all sizes.

Elevate your client's envelopes with beautiful envelope designs and return address printing.

    • Available for 5×7" envelopes, add return address printing + optional designs
    • Address printing is offered in a curated selection of fonts in your choice of 6 colors: black, blue, gray, green, red, and white ink for our darker premium envelope options.
Arched Holiday design 5x7 foil pressed Flat Cards and recipient addressing on Misty Blue premium envelopes
Gold foil pressed 5x7 Flat Cards with recipient addressing on black premium envelopes

Complete the package with our customizable envelope stickers and order packaging options.

5x7 premium Envelopes with address label and envelope seal stickers
Address Labels

Add Address Labels for a time-saving and stylish touch to any envelope style, including our truly unique Address Label Wraps. Available via ROES ordering.

Black premium envelopes with matching address label and seal sticker designs
Envelope Seals

Add custom-designed Envelope Seals to match your card design order. Available via ROES ordering.

5x7 holiday Flat Cards styled with kraft Premium Packaging
Premium Packaging

Our Premium Packaging option for cards saves you valuable time, storage space, and materials. Choose drop-shipping and your card products will be beautifully and professionally packaged & shipped directly to your client's doorstep.

5×7" and 5×5" Folded Cards
Paper 25-70 75-145 150-245 250-495 500-1145 1150+ Add Foil Design Add Shape Add Foil & Shape
Smooth Matte $1.63 $1.50 $1.33 $1.27 $1.15 $1.09 $0.24 $0.46 $0.46
Standard Semi-Gloss 1.63 1.50 1.33 1.27 1.15 1.09 0.24 0.46 0.46
Art Linen 1.84 1.70 1.54 1.47 1.35 1.29 0.24 0.46 0.46
Pearl 2.05 1.91 1.74 1.68 1.54 1.49 0.24 0.46 0.46
4×5.5" Folded Cards
Paper 25-70 75-145 150-245 250-495 500-1145 1150+
Smooth Matte $1.31 $1.20 $1.06 $1.01 $0.92 $0.87
Standard Semi-Gloss 1.31 1.20 1.06 1.01 0.92 0.87
Art Linen 1.41 1.31 1.17 1.12 1.01 0.97
Pearl 1.52 1.40 1.28 1.21 1.12 1.08
4×5.5" Accordion Folded Cards
Paper 25-70 75-145 150-245 250-495 500-1145 1150+
Smooth Matte $1.96 $1.80 $1.61 $1.52 $1.37 $1.30
Standard Semi-Gloss 1.96 1.80 1.61 1.52 1.37 1.30
Art Linen 2.21 2.05 1.85 1.76 1.62 1.54
Pearl 2.46 2.29 2.08 2.01 1.86 1.80
5×5" Trifold Folded Cards
Paper 25-70 75-145 150-245 250-495 500-1145 1150+ Add Foil Design Add Shape Add Foil & Shape
Smooth Matte $1.96 $1.80 $1.61 $1.52 $1.37 $1.30 $0.24 $0.46 $0.46
Standard Semi-Gloss 1.96 1.80 1.61 1.52 1.37 1.30 0.24 0.46 0.46
Art Linen 2.21 2.05 1.85 1.76 1.62 1.54 0.24 0.46 0.46
Pearl 2.46 2.29 2.08 2.01 1.86 1.80 0.24 0.46 0.46
5×7" Wide Format Folded Cards
Paper 25-70 75-145 150-245 250-495 500-1145 1150+
Smooth Matte $1.96 $1.80 $1.61 $1.52 $1.37 $1.30
Standard Semi-Gloss 1.96 1.80 1.61 1.52 1.37 1.30
Art Linen 2.21 2.05 1.85 1.76 1.62 1.54
Pearl 2.46 2.29 2.08 2.01 1.86 1.80