USB Drives

With their ease of use and large capacity, USB Drives are a popular method to deliver files as a tangible product. Enhance the presentation with custom engraving—add your client's name or a memorable date and, most importantly, your logo.

  • 16GB capacity
  • Available in black metal or light wood style
  • Option to engrave one or both sides
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USB Drives


Use the USB Drives catalog to order separately or Black USB drives can be ordered with a USB Case and Wood USB Drive can be ordered with a Wood Box.

Quick Facts

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2-3 Days
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Add Premium Packaging

Make an impression by taking advantage of our specialty packaging options for this product.

File Prep & Templates

Be sure to use our Sizing Templates when preparing your order. Visit Downloads to access these templates.

Accepted Files
Prepare your work for printing by saving high-quality JPEG files with an embedded color profile.

  • Export files tagged with an RGB Color Profile—P3, Adobe RGB, and sRGB are all great options.
  • We recommend saving your files at a JPEG quality of 10 or higher in Photoshop, 90% in Lightroom, or the equivalent in your editing tool.
  • Most products are printed at 300 DPI, and we’ll automatically resize your files for printing. For more precise control, you can resize your files and apply any sharpening before submitting.

Engraving File Prep
For engraving, your final design should be solid black on a white background. The engraving process doesn’t handle shades well, for the best results we recommend only black and white logos, text, or simple designs.

  • For wood USB Drives, the black areas in the file will be engraved and white will display the natural wood surface.
  • For black USB drives, the black area in the file that is engraved will appear lighter and the white area will display the black drive surface.
  • Wood USB Drives allow for engraving up to the edges, including the cap

Files used for engraving should be at least 1200 PPI. We recommend using our sizing templates to prepare your final file.

With their ease of use and large capacity, USB Drives are a popular method to deliver files as a tangible product.

With custom engraving on one or both sides of the USB Drives, you can personalize one side for your client and include your branding on the other side.

USB Drives are available in black metal or a light wood style with 16GB capacity. They also feature a swivel design for dual connectivity between USB-A and USB-C ports.




Black Metal or Wood

Double drive custom photo cover USB Case
USB Cases

Black USB Drives can be ordered with Single or Double USB Cases.

Engraved USB Drive in Wood USB Box with printed lid
Wood USB Boxes

Wood USB Drives fit perfectly within one of our Wood USB Boxes.

Multiple Wood Boxes
Wood Boxes

Wood USB Drives can be added to your Wood Box orders