Slip-In Mats

Elevate the viewing experience by displaying your Photographic Prints in mats to present during sales sessions or as an upgraded print option.

  • White, single mats mounted to 2mm styrene
  • Prints are ordered separately for you to slip into the mats
  • Create a temporary display or remove the tape strip to secure
  • Sold in packs of 5
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Select the Display tab followed by the Slip-In Mats tab, then select your desired size.

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Mat Opening Sizes

Slip-in Mats are available in white only and are sold in packs of 5.

  • 5×7” mat with 3×5” opening
  • 8×8” mat with 6×6” opening
  • 8×10” mat with 6×8” opening
  • 10×10” mat with 8×8” opening
  • 12×12” mat with 10×10” opening
  • 12×12” mat with 8×8” opening
  • 11×14” mat with 7×10” opening

Showcase a session with a classic touch.

Use Slip-in Mats to present the photos to your clients during a sales session or sell them the matted prints directly. They’re ideal for high school seniors, family portraits, wedding portraits of the bride and groom, or any glamour shots you want ready to display.

Choose to mat any of our Photographic Papers plus any photo finishing options, such as Lustre Coating or texture. We do not recommend our Fine Art Papers for these mats. Prints can then be slipped into the mat to present or sell to your clients. Once the tape is removed, the print is secured.

Print Surfaces

Pair with any of our Photographic Print options. Not recommended for Fine Art Prints.


Outer dimension sizes from 5×7 " to 11×14 "

Lustre Photographic Paper Surface
Best Seller

Lustre Paper

A semi-gloss paper with vibrant colors, sharp details, and excellent skin tones. Surface appears and feels smooth with soft texture that helps reduce fingerprint marks.


242 gsm



Deep Matte Photographic Paper Surface

Deep Matte Paper

True non-reflective matte paper great for skin tones, soft images, and black & whites. Ultra-smooth and soft to the touch with slightly subdued colors.


242 gsm



Photographic Papers

True photographic prints trusted by professional photographers around the world for color accuracy and quality.

Protective coating and three different texture options are available for select paper options. Our texture options add a professional touch to prints and help protect your images from being scanned.

Lustre Photographic Paper with Lustre Coating Surface

Lustre Coating

It provides a matte finish and layer of protection to a print’s surface. Available on sizes 11×14″ and smaller.

Lustre Photographic Paper with Linen Texture Surface

Linen Texture

Differentiate your prints with our most popular texture, a classic linen look.

Lustre Photographic Paper with Pebble Texture Surface

Pebble Texture

Non-uniform texture provides an upscale appearance.

Lustre Photographic Paper with Embassy Texture Surface

Embassy Texture

A combination of the linen and pebble textures.

Photographic Coating & Textures

Protective coating and textures are available for select paper options. Our textured finishes add a professional touch to prints and help protect your images from being scanned.

Slip-In Mats

Pricing is based on each mat but must be purchased in packs of 5.

Outside Dimensions Opening Dimensions Price per mat
5×7" Mat 3×5" $4.80
8×8" Mat 6×6" 5.80
8×10" Mat 6×8" 6.80
10×10" Mat 8×8" 9.40
12×12" Mat 8×8" 12.60
12×12" Mat 10×10" 12.60
11×14" Mat 7×10" 12.60