Bamboo Panels

The distinctive pattern of the bamboo is exposed along the edge of the panel with a smooth finish. Bamboo Panels arrive ready to display with a carved out keyhole on the back for easy hanging.

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Bamboo Panels


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Prepare your work for printing by saving high-quality JPEG files with an embedded color profile.

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  • Most products are printed at 300 DPI, and we’ll automatically resize your files for printing. For more precise control, you can resize your files and apply any sharpening before submitting.

About Bamboo Panels

Bamboo is a sustainably harvested material and a beautiful mounting option for your images.

Whether displayed as a sample in your studio or a statement piece in your client’s home, Bamboo Panels are conversation starters. Offer something unique that draws even more attention to your photographic flair.

Pairs beautifully with images in outdoor settings, but also bring a natural feel to images captured indoors. The beauty of bamboo is that it lends character to almost all photographic styles including family, baby, wedding, and landscape.

Bamboo Panels are a solid, more substantial alternative to Standout. They have a similar style to Wood Prints without the appearance of wood grain showing through your image.

Print Surfaces

Choose from our Photographic, Fine Art, or giclée Canvas Prints with multiple finish options


Real Bamboo edge, so no two are exactly alike


¾" Bamboo panel

Hanging Options

Arrives ready to hang with a precut keyhole


From 5×5" to 30×40"

Product Options

Print Surfaces

Bamboo Panel provides a substantial base to display your choice of three different print surface styles along with available photo finishing and canvas laminate options. Select a print style to learn more and view all available options.

Photographic Print surface category corner detail
Photographic Prints
Fine Art Print surface category corner detail
Fine Art Prints
Canvas Prints surface category corner detail
Giclée Canvas Prints

Bamboo Edge

Eco-friendly and unique mounting style.

The distinctive pattern of the bamboo is exposed along the edge of the ¾" thick panel with a smooth finish.

Bamboo Panel edge corner detail
Bamboo Panel Edge Detail


Hanging is easy with a single nail.

Bamboo Panels arrive ready to display with a carved out keyhole on the back so installing and displaying your final piece is simple.

Square Bamboo Panel hanging hardware
Multiple Bamboo Panel Sizes Hanging Keyholes


Bamboo Panels

Pricing includes Lustre Photographic paper, there will be an upcharge for other print surfaces.

Size Price
5×5 $25.30
5×7 29.15
6×6 29.15
8×8 39.95
8×10 46.10
8×12 54.20
10×10 54.60
10×15 75.45
10×20 100.45
10×30 148.10
11×14 76.95
12×12 72.85
12×18 102.15
12×24 139.45
16×16 126.80
16×20 149.80
16×24 181.30
20×20 186.40
20×24 214.70
20×30 263.25
20×40 349.35
24×30 312.25
24×36 377.35
30×30 388.35
30×40 491.15

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