Layflat Books

Beautiful and functional, Layflat Books are handmade using the same methods as our heirloom albums. Ideal for wedding sign-in books or an eye-catching coffee table book.

  • Multiple cover styles, paper types, & debossing options
  • Layflat binding for seamless spreads
  • Online designer to layout spreads in minutes
  • Holds 10-40 spreads
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All cover styles and sizes are available online. Learn more about ordering options.

ROES Ordering Information



Orders placed directly to WHCC will come through our Remote Order Entry Software (ROES). ROES is not a design tool; therefore, you'll be uploading final spreads in ROES to complete your order.

Use the Book Catalog to choose the style of Book you want to order and then select a size, cover option, paper option, and other features to start the order.

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Make an impression by taking advantage of our specialty packaging options for this product.

File Prep & Templates

Designing custom photo covers or spreads? Be sure to use our Sizing Templates when preparing your order. Visit Downloads to access these templates.

Accepted Files
Prepare your work for printing by saving high-quality JPEG files with an embedded color profile.

  • Export files tagged with an RGB Color Profile—P3, Adobe RGB, and sRGB are all great options.
  • We recommend saving your files at a JPEG quality of 10 or higher in Photoshop, 90% in Lightroom, or the equivalent in your editing tool.
  • Most products are printed at 300 DPI, and we’ll automatically resize your files for printing. For more precise control, you can resize your files and apply any sharpening before submitting.
Designing Layflat Book Spreads

There are several ways you can create and order your Layflat Book.

Use our free Album & Book Designer
Create beautiful layouts in seconds with our free online designer. Click "Order Now" above or create a Studio Project to get started.

Sizing Templates & Photoshop
Use our sizing templates to create custom designs in Photoshop, then upload them to ROES or our online designer to order.


Sample Program
Turn your Albums or Books into a Sample for your studio. See our Sample Program for more details.

Swatch Kits Available
Want to see our cover materials with your own eyes? Swatch Kits are available for order via ROES. Visit our Samples page for more details.

Our Layflat books are printed as full, uninterrupted spreads, adhered back to back with your choice of Photo or Smooth Matte paper. Both paper options provide accurate color rendition, sharp image details, and the highest quality archival printing.


From 6×6" to 11×14" including square, horizontal, vertical options

Cover Types

4 cover styles including cameo, combo, full photo, or material covers


Protective paper spreads in a smooth black finish


Layflat Binding

Cover Materials

40+ premium leather or linens, leather-like, and fabric materials

Paper Types

Two paper options, one photographic and one inkjet-printed


Pages are adhered back to back with no insert boards


Square or round spread corners


Choose between blind or a foil debossing option paired with available fonts or create a custom die

Whether this is your first time designing layouts or you are a seasoned pro—our new designer lets you create beautiful layouts in seconds.

  • Includes sharable proof links to send to your clients
  • Duplicate and resize designs to create companion albums

Choose from multiple cover styles for complete personalization to fit your brand's needs and make each client happy.

Full Material Cover Album detail

Full Material Cover


Let the cover say it all with a timeless fabric or leather Full Material Cover. Choose from our collection of Linens, Silks, bookcloth, faux leathers, Premium and Distressed leathers, and more to fit your client's style.

For a more tailored look, Premium and Distressed Leather Album covers have rounded corners.

Combo Cover


A Combo Cover lets you display your custom image on the front with your choice of fabric or leather wrapping around the spine and the back, or you can create custom designs for both the front and back covers.

Finish with optional black or white stitching where the material meets the image.

Multiple Cover Print Styles Available

  • Custom Photo Cover Surfaces
  • Metal Print Cover available on all five of our Metal Print options
  • Wood Print Cover made from our maple Wood Print material
Cameo Cover Album detail

Cameo Cover


Give a sneak peek of the incredible images inside with a Cameo Cover Layflat Book. Just add a Single Square Cameo to any fabric or leather-covered Layflat Book 8×8" and larger.

Custom Photo Cover Album detail

Custom Photo Cover


Design a Custom Photo Cover with your own images and design printed on your choice of Lustre or Fine Art Canvas cover.

Premium Leathers
Premium Fabrics
Photo Cover Surfaces

Premier Leathers

These whole hides are hand cut to order and create high-end luxurious covers. Premier leather is soft to the touch and includes natural texture characteristics that are not defects but natural authenticity.

Distressed Leathers

A natural full hide leather that is hand sanded, making each cover unique in its rustic and distressed look but soft to the touch. This leather shows natural characteristics such as healed scars, insect bites, and brands.


100% natural linen is one of nature's sustainable eco materials and is soft to the touch with a natural weave and texture. Our linens create a non-leather, high-end, luxurious cover.


This silk textile is imported from Japan with a beautiful sheen and texture showcasing a natural weaving.

Vintage Leathers

Our Vintage Leather is a leather alternative material that is soft, smooth, and luxurious—an excellent sustainable option to pair with any of our debossing fonts.


Our most popular option. Leatherettes are high-end synthetic leather embossed with a leather-like texture and are soft and matte in the finish with excellent material consistency.

Faux Leathers

Another non-leather material, this option is smoother in finish compared to our Leatherette and has an excellent surface for blind and foil debossing.

Alligator Leather

This option is a bonded leather embossed with an exotic alligator texture.


Classic and timeless, Bookcloth has a tighter fabric weave than our linen cover materials and has been a longstanding textile choice for fabric book coverings.


Our Chrome material is made from a cotton weave and then coated to create a luminescent modern finish.

Metal Print Combo Covers

This smooth and durable surface comes in two base color options. The white base is opaque so no metal texture shows through the final image, while the clear base allows the raw brushed metal texture to show through your image, particularly in the white or light-colored areas.

Wood Print Combo Covers

Crafted from the same material as our maple Wood Prints and finished with a protective laminate for a smooth surface.

Debossing uses heat and dies to press customizable text into select cover materials using our font options. Choose between a blind, matte, or metallic foil with 4 location options to personalize your book.

Debossing Locations


Each location allows for up to three lines of text. You have the option to add debossing to both the front and back of Full Material and Cameo Covers and can select different debossing styles for each. Combo Covers can have back cover debossing only.

Front Cover Placements

  • Center Center
  • Bottom Center
  • Bottom Right

Back Cover Placements

  • Bottom Center

View our Debossing Guidelines to learn more.

Available Fonts


Available fonts include Authenia, Garamond Italic, Oswald, and Quicksand. *Authenia and Garamond Italic are currently only online.

Blind Debossing


Your message is pressed into the cover to create a distinct impression in the material without the use of foil or color. Available with the Oswald font for select material covers.

View our Debossing Guidelines for details on material limitations.

Black or White Debossing


Black or white debossing has a matte appearance and is available with the Authenia, Garamond Italic, Oswald, or Quicksand fonts for select material covers.

View our Debossing Guidelines for details on material limitations.

Foil Debossing


Foil debossing provides a metallic gold, silver, or rose gold finish. Available with the Authenia, Garamond Italic, and Quicksand fonts for select material covers.

View our Debossing Guidelines for details on material limitations.

Turn your logo or bespoke cover design for a client into a custom die to deboss on one or several covers.

  • The die is kept in-house and can be added to any orders you select to receive custom debossing.
  • Available in several locations on the front, back, or inside of your cover.
Leather Album covers with gold and blind custom debossing
Blind custom debossing on white endleaves detail

Our paper types offered will provide you with exceptional color-accurate images and archival qualities to ensure the longevity of each book. Choose between both photo and inkjet-printed papers in Lustre or Smooth Matte.

Album & Book Photo Lustre Paper Surface

Photo Lustre Paper

A true photographic paper in a semi-gloss finish. Produces excellent skin tones, sharp details and accurate color.

Print Method


Album & Book Smooth Matte Paper Surface

Smooth Matte Paper

Our premier, uncoated matte paper with soft surface texture.

Print Method


Endleaves are protective paper spreads that separate the inside pages from the cover.

Layflat Book smooth black endleaves detail

Choose between square or rounded page corners, available for all sizes and paper types. Rounded pages have a ⅜" radius and add a seamless look when paired with one of the rounded premium material covers.

Seamless open spread Layflat Book

Square Corners

Round Corners


Rounded pages have a ⅜" radius and add a seamless look when paired with one of our premium leather rounded covers.

Presentation is a simple yet invaluable step in delivering your client's memories.

Premium Packaging saves you valuable time, storage space, and materials and is an excellent option for Drop Shipping direct to the client.

  • An insert or foam bumper may be added to ensure your Book fits snugly inside the box.
  • Available for all sizes except for 11×14".
  • Colors: Brown, Kraft, and Charcoal
Combo Cover Album in charcoal Premium Packaging

Order a Sample at 25% off & show what you want to sell

Having a physical sample can be one of the best sales tools. Each order will receive a foil-stamped "Sample" on the inside cover. Create your sample online through the designer or order directly through ROES.

Sample Album and Book with stamp on black endleaves
Photo Lustre Paper

Allow for up to 40 spreads.

Book Size Photo Cover
with 10 Spreads
Standard Cover
with 10 Spreads
Premium Cover
with 10 Spreads
Additional Spread
5×7 $84.50 $74.50 $95.50 $3.75
6×6 84.50 74.50 95.50 3.75
8×8 92.00 82.00 108.00 4.00
8×10 109.50 99.50 125.50 5.75
9×12 126.00 115.00 157.00 6.50
10×10 118.50 107.50 149.50 5.75
12×12 138.00 128.00 190.00 6.50
11×14 138.00 128.00 190.00 6.50
Smooth Matte Paper

Allow for up to 40 spreads.

Book Size Photo Cover
with 10 Spreads
Standard Cover
with 10 Spreads
Premium Cover
with 10 Spreads
Additional Spread
5×7 $97.00 $87.00 $108.00 $5.00
6×6 97.00 87.00 108.00 5.00
8×8 107.00 97.00 123.00 5.50
8×10 123.00 117.00 143.00 7.50
9×12 143.00 132.50 174.50 8.25
10×10 136.00 125.00 167.00 7.50
12×12 155.50 145.50 207.50 8.25
Cover Material Groups
Photo Covers Custom Photo Cover
Standard Covers Fabric Collection, Vintage Leather Collection, Leatherettes and Faux Collection
Premium Covers Premium Leather Collection, Distressed Leather Collection, Linen Collection, Silk Collection