High Quality. Less Impact.

We’re Committed to Building Our Lab Smarter & Greener

We take pride in our responsible practices, so you can be proud of the products you get to deliver.

Quality doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment. We continually work to evolve by researching and testing new methods that deliver on our high-quality standards with less impact on the place we all call home.

Sustainability collage with facility, solar panels, & recycling illustration

It Starts with Our Facilities

From the energy it takes to light the halls and regulate the building temperatures, to disposal methods for scraps and packages, we always take steps to lower the impact of our internal operations.

Supported by Renewable Energy

Our energy needs are covered in part by 17,000 square feet of solar panels on the roof of our lab, which generated over a gigawatt of electricity as of 2022—that’s enough energy to power more than 100 US homes for an entire year!

We also take full advantage of the cold temperatures here in Minnesota by tapping into the outside air to cool a portion of our lab and control the heat and humidity created by the machines all year round.

Energy-Efficient Upgrades

The details matter, like adding solar window tinting to help regulate the lab temperature while maintaining a bright and comfortable workspace for our employees. We also recently converted our oldest office building to LED lighting and are on track to reach our goal of being 100% LED-powered both indoors and out. Motion detecting sensors are installed in our low traffic areas as well to make these energy-saving efforts go even further.

Comprehensive Recycling Programs

We use 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper for all internal operations. When it comes to disposing of materials, we take it beyond standard recycling with collection systems for acceptable production scraps including many of our papers, aluminum sheets, metal frame cuttings, and more. We also have designated collection areas for difficult to recycle items such as batteries, lightbulbs, electronics, and ink waste to ensure we are preventing potentially hazardous materials from making their way into the natural environment.

Thoughtfully Crafted Every Step of the Way

The products our clients entrust us to create are not meant to be fleeting, tossed out, or frequently replaced—instead, we put in the quality and care required to preserve your artwork and heirlooms for years to come. Our made-to-order production and in-house raw material conversion enable us to reduce waste and avoid unused inventory.

Eco-Friendly Product Options

We offer a selection of environmentally responsible paper options, including Bamboo and Art Recycled press papers, which are popular for cards, and a selection of Fine Art Papers made of 100% cotton. Large sustainably-harvested bamboo sheets are cut down on-site to create our Bamboo Panels as a unique way to display your images. The leftover scraps can be turned into smaller keepsakes, such as Bamboo Mini Blocks, Ornaments, and Display Stands.

Explore More Eco-Friendly Products

Waste-Reduction Technology

We reduce waste by cutting and converting the base materials used in several of our products ourselves, such as metal, acrylic, bamboo, wood, mounting substrates, frame mouldings, and more. We have also developed software to organize incoming orders to use the available space on our cutting tables with the least waste possible.

These methods greatly reduce the impact of shipments we receive as well. For example, by receiving flat materials and building all premium package boxes in-house we avoid taking up extra truck space shipping boxes filled with nothing but air.

Sustainability collage with shipping boxes, paper tape, and MN illustration

Delivered with Care from WHCC to You

Our central location puts us that much closer to you. This means faster shipments to you while also being healthier for the environment because more ground shipments mean less air-based shipping and fewer pollutants. Our boxes are also easy to recycle or reuse for your clients and are made under the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI).

Looking Toward the Future

With all the progress we have made, there is always more that can be done, and we are continually working on ways we can do better. In 2022 we plan to upgrade to 100% LED lighting in all remaining spaces. We are constantly researching ways to minimize packaging materials and solutions to further reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing the protective qualities needed to keep your orders arriving safe and sound.