Acrylic Prints

Using fine art quality Glossy inkjet prints and crystal clear acrylic, Acrylic Prints provide exceptional detail reproduction for all types of photography, including portraits and landscapes.

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Acrylic Prints


Find the Acrylic Prints Catalog in ROES, located under Wall Displays, and then select the size you would like to order.

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Custom Sizes Available

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File Prep for Printing

Accepted Files
Prepare your work for printing by saving high-quality JPEG files with an embedded color profile.

  • Export files tagged with an RGB Color Profile—P3, Adobe RGB, and sRGB are all great options.
  • We recommend saving your files at a JPEG quality of 10 or higher in Photoshop, 90% in Lightroom, or the equivalent in your editing tool.
  • Most products are printed at 300 DPI, and we’ll automatically resize your files for printing. For more precise control, you can resize your files and apply any sharpening before submitting.

About Acrylic Prints

An Unparalleled Display

Display one a large Acrylic Print on its own for a stunning statement piece. Group multiples together for a compelling wall collage. Your galleries and clients’ homes will capture attention with a contemporary and modern look.

Print Surfaces

Glossy Inkjet Paper

Hanging Options

Arrives ready to display with Inset Metal Frame or Float Mount

Product Options

Print Surface

Your images are printed as glossy fine art inkjet prints and then face mounted to ¼" crystal clear acrylic.

Glossy Inkjet Paper Surface

Glossy Inkjet Paper

Vibrant colors with a highly reflective, glossy finish.

Hanging Options

Add one of our easy hanging hardware options to enhance the look of your Acrylic Prints.

Float Mount hanging hardware
Float Mount


Float Mount includes a gatorboard block with sawtooth metal bracket for easy hanging. It'll give your Acrylic Print the appearance that it’s floating ¾" from the wall.

Inset Metal Frame hanging hardware
Inset Metal Frame


The black metal frame is set in from the print's edge finished with a wire hanger with a 1-5/16" depth.


Acrylic Prints with Fine Art Glossy Paper
Size Acrylic Print Only Acrylic Print with Float Mount Acrylic Print with Inset Metal Frame

*Available with an optional Easel Back or Magnet for an additional $5.95
**Available with an optional Easel Back for additional $5.95

5×7* $32.00
8×8** 45.00 51.00 53.00
8×10 51.00 57.00 60.00
8×12 58.00 64.00 68.00
10×20 87.00 98.00 103.00
11×14 78.00 84.00 91.00
12×12 74.00 80.00 87.00
12×18 99.00 110.00 115.00
12×24 112.00 123.00 131.00
16×16 111.00 122.00 124.00
16×20 117.00 128.00 133.00
16×24 134.00 145.00 152.00
20×20 136.00 147.00 154.00
20×24 156.00 173.00 177.00
20×30 185.00 202.00 210.00
24×36 267.00 295.00 298.00
30×30 272.00 300.00 303.00
30×40 395.00 428.00 433.00
40×60 795.00 856.00 854.00