Careers at WHCC

We strive to create the world’s best photography products, supported by outstanding customer service and cutting-edge technology. Think you’ve got what it takes?

Collage of WHCC production and office staff

We are always looking for friendly, hard working, goal-oriented people who share our values to join the team.

Our Benefits

When our staff is happy and healthy, we succeed. That’s why we offer great benefits to our employees. Some of these benefits include competitive pay, retirement savings plans, comprehensive insurance packages and product discounts.

Our Culture

We’ve created an environment in which all people feel valued and respected. We enjoy a casual, creative work atmosphere. WHCC is a family-owned business and we understand the importance of work/life balance. We work hard and have fun.

Our Beliefs & Values

At WHCC, everything we do is done with integrity. We work hard to equip and inspire professional photographers to thrive in the art and business of photography. We take pride in being relationship-focused and technology-centered.

Production & Manufacturing

Produce, package and ship our award-winning products

Collage of WHCC production staff, woman with print man taping box

We are leaders in the photography industry when it comes to quality and innovation. Join the production team in our state-of-the-art lab!

Motivated to Deliver Results

We offer a high-energy, positive work environment. We work quickly and efficiently to produce and ship thousands of orders each day. If you like a fast-paced work setting, have a great attitude and a drive to succeed, you’ll fit in well here.

Attention to Detail

Quality is at the core of everything we do. We want every order to be right, every time. We prepare, print, proof, package, and ship amazing photographic products. Each step of the way, we ensure that our clients will get exactly what they want.

A Winning Team

We work in a fun, welcoming, collaborative environment. Everyone here is a valued member of the team. Each role is essential and communication is key. Here, you've got the opportunity to excel as an individual as well as a part of our team.

Customer Service

Attentive, insightful and friendly

Collage of WHCC customer service staff at desks

We’re known in the industry for our superior customer service. Do you have a passion for photography and enjoy helping people? Join our customer service team!

Helping Customers Succeed

We always have the needs of our customers in mind and we give them the time and attention they deserve. We have the ability to make a positive impact on the success of their business. We answer questions, correct errors, and find solutions.

Sharing Knowledge

Our customer service staff is comprised of individuals who know photography. We understand the industry and communicate effectively with photographers to meet their needs. We don’t just speak the language, we understand the process.

Making Connections

We communicate with customers around the world in many different ways. Whether our interactions take place via phone, email, or chat, we are always personal and sincere. We build lasting relationships with our customers and their appreciation shows.

Design & Engineering at WHCC

Technology-centered and driven like a startup

Collage of WHCC Engineering staff at desks

Ever since the beginning, we’ve been at the forefront of new technology. Our Designers and Engineers are always revolutionizing the way we do business.

Designed to be Helpful

Everything we do is focused on design and the user experience. We believe design has to be incredible and work flawlessly. Our primary touch point with our customers is online. We want that interaction to feel as genuine and friendly as if it were face-to-face.

Engineered to Scale

Producing over a million orders a year takes serious technology. Every day our engineers deliver results for hundreds of employees and thousands of customers. From internal tools to world-class ordering solutions, we make it easy to create amazing products.

Digital to Tangible

We build the tools that photographers wouldn't otherwise have access to. Our code and interfaces help people create beautiful photographic products. We turn their digital ones and zeros into something they can hold in their hands and treasure forever.