Stacked sample Albums and Books flatlay

Up to 40% Off Sample Albums & Books

Sample Stamped Albums and Books are on sale now!

Show what you want to sell. When you put samples in your clients’ hands, you show them your photographic style and talent.

  • Sample Albums, Layflat Books, and Hardcover Books at 40% off
  • Sample Softcover Books at 20% off
  • Use your photography and choose from all our customization options
  • Order as many samples as you like

How to Order Samples

Album & Book online designer, cropped

Online & Studio Ordering

Album & Book Designer

Use our free designer to easily design and order your samples online. In the designer, check the Sample Album Discount box on the endleaves tab or review screen. Available for Albums, Layflat, and Hardcover Books.

ROES wedding album ordering screen shot with app icon
ROES Ordering

When ordering through ROES, check the Sample Discount box on the checkout page for up to 25% off. The sample discount will appear on your invoice.

Availability and Turnaround Time

We are happy to offer you as many Sample Books and Albums as you want year-round. You can expect the same quick turnaround time you would for any Book or Album order, keeping in mind it could vary during peak production times.

Will they be marked as samples?

Sample Not For Resale will be foil-stamped on the inside covers of all sample Albums, Layflat, and Hardcover Books. The foil stamp will be on the outside cover of Softcover Books.

Are there any product limitations?

Order as you would any regular Book or Album. Choose any sizes, cover materials, paper types, and customization options you want and available to the product. Please note Accordion Mini Books are not included in the sample program.

Available Products

Select your desired product to learn more and view available ordering options.

Hand turning leather wedding Album spread
Open white insert board Album spine detail

Handcrafted to hold a legacy of images with thick spreads and premium covers for when only the best will do.

Combo and cameo cover Layflat Books
Open Layflat Book spine detail
Layflat Books

The perfect book option for everyday sessions with layflat binding for a seamless presentation.

Hardcover Book open spreads
Open Hardcover Book spine detail
Hardcover Books

Crafted with magazine printed pages that curve at the spine like a classic, beautifully bound art book.

Open Softcover Book wedding venue guide
Open Softcover Book spine detail
Softcover Books

A printed cover with perfect bound pages makes this an excellent option to share snapshots or create marketing materials.