Album Boxes

Stylish and customizable delivery option in a variety of sizes to perfectly hold your Album and offer long-term protection.

  • Custom designed photo cover or material cover styles
  • Risers available for thinner Albums
  • Inside panel customization options

ROES Ordering Information


Image Boxes


Select the Album Image Boxes tab, then select the size of box you would like to order. You can also order a cover material swatch set through the Album and Book Cover Swatches Catalog.

Quick Facts
Turnaround Time

3-5 Days

Normally 2-3 Day

Shipping Truck

Free 2-Day Shipping

Shipping speed upgrades are available or drop ship directly to your client. Shipping Options

File Prep & Templates

Be sure to use our Sizing Templates when preparing your order. Visit Downloads to access these templates.

Accepted Files
Prepare your work for printing by saving high-quality JPEG files with an embedded color profile.

  • Export files tagged with an RGB Color Profile—P3, Adobe RGB, and sRGB are all great options.
  • We recommend saving your files at a JPEG quality of 10 or higher in Photoshop, 90% in Lightroom, or the equivalent in your editing tool.
  • Most products are printed at 300 DPI, and we’ll automatically resize your files for printing. For more precise control, you can resize your files and apply any sharpening before submitting.

Album Box Design Templates
We offer a selection of PSD templates you can download and customize for many occasions.

Inside Panels & Elastic Band Closure

Black Fabric Panel with Closure

Simple fabric panel on the back of the lid when the box is opened. Includes a black elastic band that stretches around a black post to keep your box closed tight.

Custom Photo Panel

An Inside Image Panel adds visual appeal when the box is opened. Customize the inside panel with an image, design, or special message to be featured on the inside lid opposite the cover.

Available with or without a black elastic band closure that stretches around a black post to keep your box closed tight.

Riser & CD Inserts

Risers are a great addition to Album Boxes with thinner albums. They help custom fit your box for the number of album spreads it holds.

A CD/DVD insert can be placed in the bottom of your Album Box. Deliver your images on a custom Printed DVD along with your Album and Album Box.


Swatch Kits Available
Want to see our cover materials with your own eyes? Swatch Kits are available for order via ROES. Visit our Samples page for more details.

About Album Boxes

Enhance the elegance of your Albums.

Our award-winning Albums dazzle on their own. Increase the wow factor by delivering it in an Album Box. Not only do they look beautiful and professional, but Album Boxes also offer long-term protection for your Album.


Boxes to fit 6×6", 8×8", 10×10", and 12×12" Albums

Cover Types

Full Material or Custom Photo Cover

Cover Materials

30+ leather, silk, leather-like, fabric, or custom photo cover material options

Product Options

Cover Materials

Select one of our fabric or leather cover materials to match your Album, or create a custom designed photo cover.

Premium Fabrics
Photo Cover Surfaces


This silk textile is imported from Japan with a beautiful sheen and texture showcasing a natural weaving.

Vintage Leathers

Replacing our legacy vintage bonded leather is an alternative material mimicking soft, smooth, luxury faux leather—an excellent sustainable option to pair with any of our debossing fonts.


Our most popular option. Leatherettes are high-end synthetic leather embossed with a leather-like texture and are soft and matte in the finish with excellent material consistency.

Faux Leathers

Another non-leather material, this option is smoother in finish compared to our Leatherette and has an excellent surface for blind and foil debossing.

Alligator Leather

This option is a bonded leather embossed with an exotic alligator texture.


Classic and timeless, Bookcloth has a tighter fabric weave than our linen cover materials and has been a longstanding textile choice for fabric book coverings.

Chrome Fabrics

A modern fabric made from cotton and then coated with acrylic to create a metallic finish with a shimmer.


Image Boxes
Size Depth Price
6×6 Box 2" $60.00
8×8 Box 2" 65.00
10×10 Box 2" 80.00
12×12 Box 2" 100.00
Additional Options
Black Fabric Panel with Closure $7.00
Custom Photo Panel 8.00
Custom Photo Panel with Closure 10.00
Riser 3.00
CD Insert 3.00
Riser with CD Insert 5.00

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