Ordering from WHCC

Our Best Ordering Recommendations

We highly encourage using ROES for optimal ordering with WHCC. This cross-platform application is easy to install and will automatically update with any new products or services we add. We also offer alternative solutions for very specific ordering needs.


  • ROES is simple to use. Just select a folder of images you want to use, pick a product to order, and drag in your image into the middle of the product. Watch the video to learn how to use ROES.


    • Compatible with Mac or Windows
    • Access to the full line of WHCC products and services
    • WHCC pricing is available in the app
    • Free for WHCC clients
  • File-Transfer-Protocol is perfect for our clients who don't want any color correction but do want complete control over their files. Some of our products can only be accepted via FTP.

    OSX FTP clients: Transmit | Fetch | CyberDuck

    Windows FTP clients: FreeFTP | FileZilla | SmartFTP


    • Only Photographic Prints, Proofbooks, Album Prints, Competition Prints, and Pick-A-Pack are available via FTP
    • Color correction of files is NOT available with FTP
    • Pick-A-Pack is only available via FTP