A New Look to Print Boxes

An updated box style that lies flat when opened, with added customization options and a new 8x10" size.

3-panel fabric cover Print Boxs in rectangle and square sizes with loose and mounted portrait prints

Released September 14, 2023

Your clients deserve a beautiful keepsake to protect their images. Our Print Boxes now have a new and updated look, giving clients a modern take on a classic product. Designed to lay flat when opened, they now offer new options to make them fit and pair perfectly with what's inside.

Detail Shot of Layflat Image Box Spine with Senior Matted Print
Box lays flat when opened | Pictured on right: Combo Cover with twill fabric
Senior 8x10 Combo Cover Image Box Styled with Matted Prints

More Ways to Personalize

Print Boxes still share many of the same qualities you have come to love, such as an optional image panel, an elastic closure, a black ribbon for easy removal of prints, and a fabric or custom photo cover. But now there are more features to share, including:

  • The box cover lies completely flat when opened
  • New 8×10" size
  • Linen fabric options, including Black, Blush, Fog, Navy, and more
  • 3-panel and 4-panel box styles for square-sized boxes:
    The 3-panel box follows a classic box style and comes with an optional elastic closure. The 4-panel box allows your desired cover style to wrap all the way around the box and is secured with a magnetic closure.
  • Combo covers for both rectangular and square-sized boxes:
    Select to have your favorite photo paired with any of our luxurious fabric or materials that wrap around the spine and back of the box.
  • Cameo covers for our square-sized boxes:
    Similar to our Books and Albums, you can have cameo cut-out on the front of the box.

Print Boxes are a great add-on incentive or as a client gift option with prints from their session. See all of the latest updates to Print Boxes and explore how you can add these to your sessions.

Rediscover Print Boxes

Whcc 8 x 10 image box with inside image panel with mounted prints and print in stand

Introducing 8×10" Boxes!

The size you have been waiting for is here! 8×10" Print Boxes are now available to provide you more flexibility for your session products.

Pair this new size with loose or mounted Photo Prints, Fine Art Prints, or add an 8×10" Layflat Book. Your clients will love having a beautiful accompaniment to cherish their images.

View Print Box Options

WHCC Album Box Launch Wide 2023 3

Album Boxes

For additional customization options on square-sized boxes, or to enhance the delivery of Books and Albums, check out our Album Boxes.