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Boost Your Mini Session Profits by Working with a Gallery Provider

Offer your favorite products to take your online galleries beyond file sharing

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Online galleries offer more than just file sharing — they can boost your existing business by providing products. Consider printing through a trusted gallery partner to ensure your mini sessions reach their full potential.

Did you know that you can customize online galleries with your own branding and still have your orders processed by WHCC?

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You’ve already done the work to market and schedule clients, so your end goal should be to make it easy for them to purchase products in order to earn additional sales from these sessions.

Here are a few benefits reiterating why you should invest in a gallery provider:

  • It's Profitable: By offering printed products through your gallery, you can increase your revenue and make your mini sessions more profitable. Clients are often willing to pay for high-quality prints and products that showcase their images.
  • You're Providing a Premium Service: When you offer your clients more than just digital files, you’re providing them with a valuable service. Many will appreciate the convenience of ordering prints and products directly through their gallery.
  • You've Already Invested the Time: You've already put in the time and effort to market and schedule clients for your mini-sessions, so why not maximize your efforts and earn additional sales from the same client base?
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How to Monetize Your Gallery

It’s one thing to post your images to a gallery, but how do you monetize it effectively? We’re sharing 4 steps to get you started.

  1. Turn on lab printing and select WHCC as your printing lab. This ensures that your orders are fulfilled by a trusted and reliable printing partner, allowing you to focus on your photography while still offering high-quality products to your clients.
  2. Choose a few products that reflect your brand and market. Instead of overwhelming your clients with too many options, focus on a few products that align with your brand and are popular in your market. This will make the decision-making process easier for your clients and increase their likelihood of purchasing. Include products such as Framed Prints, Albums, Holiday Cards, Photo Prints, and more.
  3. Email your clients with the gallery link and encourage urgency. When emailing them the gallery link, set a deadline for them to review and select their images. This will create a sense of urgency and increase their chances of purchasing.
  4. Finally, encourage clients to share gallery links with family and friends to boost sales and reach.

Remember, the goal is to provide your clients with high-quality printed products. Following these tips and working with a trusted gallery provider, you can easily incorporate printed products into your mini sessions and boost your profits without the need for in-person product sales appointments.

Offering Mini Sessions but Looking for a Gallery Provider?

If you are a photographer who wants to share images with clients, online galleries can revolutionize your process. These galleries make displaying your work simple, providing a smooth experience for clients and boosting sales without adding to your workload.

We partner with various gallery providers who have integrated WHCC products into their online stores, making it effortless for you to offer high-quality prints and products to your clients.