New Premium Matte Eggshell Paper

One of our most luxurious flat press-printed papers yet.

ARTICLE hero Mohawk Card Paper Joy Detail

Released October 16th, 2023

Premium Matte Eggshell provides a luxurious card with a substantial weight and quality you and your clients will love without the premium price. Here's why you'll love our Premium Matte Eggshell paper:

  • It has an elegant, matte finish
  • With a refined, eggshell texture
  • Our thickest single sheet paper—each card is 0.44mm thick, offering significant weight and durability
  • The prestige of a Mohawk brand paper
  • The print quality you and your clients will adore

Make a lasting impression and elevate your card offerings, perfect for this holiday season's card orders.

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About Mohawk Paper

Mohawk is a family-owned business that provides high-quality paper products designed to impact all printing processes. Why we chose Mohawk paper:

  1. Archival Quality and Timeless Appeal: Cards produced on this exceptional paper are meticulously designed with unmatched quality that you can preserve.
  2. Reputation: Mohawk has a strong legacy within the print and paper industry and has been creating papers for over 90 years.
  3. Craftsmanship: Their background in developing and testing for quality, consistency, and uniformity is a beautiful addition to our press papers.
  4. Sustainable and Social Impacts: They focus on sustainability to minimize their environmental footprint, much like WHCC!
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Changes to Our Paper Offerings

We've simplified our press paper options, discontinuing less popular options to focus on the best offerings on the market. As a result, the following papers are being discontinued:

  • Art Watercolor
  • Art Recycled
  • Bamboo

The discontinued papers will be available while supplies last in ROES and our Card Editor. Foil Pressed Designs are no longer available on these papers.

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WHCC Press Paper Sample Kit

Ways to Try Premium Matte Eggshell Paper

1. Order a Holiday Press Sample Set: Our holiday kit contains the new paper, foil pressed designs, and layouts created in minutes using our Card Editor. Use these samples to amplify your holiday card sales.

    2. Order a Press Paper Sample Set: Feel all of our card paper offerings. Compare styles, quality, and textures to find your favorite papers you want to offer.

      3. Design and Order Custom Cards with Free Designs: Our seamless process for designing, printing, and delivering client cards is easy with our Card Editor. Experience the joy of drag-and-drop Holiday Card customization as you craft personalized cards for your clients in minutes.

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