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The Importance of Selling Products

Starting to sell products as part of your business begins with reflecting on how you wish to spend your time.

Series: Owning Your Business with Jed Taufer

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Lately I’ve been conversing with younger photographers about what they hope to achieve with their work and in their business. We generally begin by discussing what it is they spend their time on.

Time Management

Besides working, much of it revolves around creeping other photographers’ images on Instagram and the web. Some of it goes to buying gear. Most of the rest of it goes to watching YouTube videos on how to retouch or achieve that dark and moody look or that light and airy look. Then Lightroom presets are purchased with the money made from shooting and burning last week's wedding.

When I ask how much time is spent selling or learning how to sell their work, most younger photographers I’ve talked to say the same thing…almost none. To which I reply, “Would you rather know more about how that dark and moody look is achieved, or would you rather make some money?”

Consider this, if you’re not offering products, you’re doing your clients a big disservice.

Priorities and Options

It’s a simple question to ask yourself. If your answer is, “Make some money”, then allow me to suggest spending some time learning how to sell product. I suggest focusing on wall portraits in particular, but the bottom line is if you want to make some good money in the photo business, you will most likely need to be in a position where you’re regularly selling product.

I also suggest in-person sales (IPS), but online galleries can work and they’re better than nothing. Try picking half a dozen products and giving it a go. Price your work appropriately and don’t be afraid to make adjustments when needed.

The Bottom Line

It may seem daunting, but I think you’ll be surprised at how satisfying it is to get paid for products featuring your beautiful work. And consider this, if you’re not offering products, you’re doing your clients a big disservice. Nobody is better positioned to provide your valuable clients with the highest quality products than you are. It’s a win-win every time.

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Meet Jed Taufer

Jed has worked in the photography industry for more than 20 years and enjoyed spending time talking to photographers about the things they have to say on his podcast This Conversation, presented by WHCC.