Behind the Scenes

The People Behind The Products

Our team knows what it takes to make something meaningful. Follow along with a day-in-the-life of the people who make all we do possible.

Collage of WHCC staff members handcrafting various products

Together We’re Handcrafted. We’re Quality. We’re Family.

We take pride in every print and honor your art with the highest standards. We are artisans and creatives just like you and are so grateful for our staff and the legacies they make every single day. We thought we'd share the day in the life of some of the people behind your products!

Meet Kellen

Take a fun behind-the-scenes tour with one of the busiest guys around, Kellen, our shipping department Senior Production Manager. Packaging and shipping your products to you is a big task, and you'll be happy to know that Kellen is up for the challenge, smiling the whole time!

Meet Ellie

Go behind-the-scenes with Ellie, our Wall Art Department Production Manager. When it comes to complex products in our wall display department, Ellie does a great job making sure all the pieces come together at just the right time! Quality and efficiency are the top priorities as our professionals assemble the products you know and love.

Behind the Scenes: Holiday 2022

The 2022 holiday season was a busy one, so we ventured out to the production floor to capture our hardworking staff. Get a glimpse into their department's daily goals and see what they love about the busy holiday season at WHCC.

The People Behind The Products

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We love collaborating with all of our teams to share behind the scenes of the amazing people, their processes, and the quality, handcrafted goods they produce. Stay tuned for more great videos to come!