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What's Trending in Photo Printing

The top 3 photo finishing options.

Three prints of a girl blowing bubblegum in front of a ferris wheel, comparing deep matte and lustre coating

Photographic Prints are tangible representations of the memories you help people create. With a variety of sizes and finishing options, there are so many ways you can share them. If you're looking to do a little more than just a Lustre Print, we're here to fulfill your creative vision! In fact, since 1978, we have been providing photographers with reliable, high-quality photofinishing options, and it's still the core of what we do today.

We've put together the top 3 trends in photo printing that will take your typical, everyday Photo Prints to the next level. See which one best suits your style.

Lustre Coating and Deep Matte Photo print corner details with abstract shapes

1. Adding Lustre Coating

Lustre Coating applies a matte finish to your Lustre Photo Prints while also providing protection from fingerprints and slight scratches. Lustre Coating is available for small format prints, 11×14″ and smaller. For protection on larger size prints, try a Protective Lamination.

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2. Printing on Deep Matte Paper

Show off your images on a paper that fits your editing style. This luxurious photo paper has a truly matte surface that is silky to the touch. With its elegant, subdued colors, Deep Matte is ideal for skin tones, soft images, and black and whites. Your darkest blacks will appear slightly lighter to reveal more detail.

It isn’t just for Photo Prints; you can also choose Deep Matte paper for your Wall Displays and Albums!

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Article image mount to styrene whatstrendinginphotoprinting photofinishing

3. Mounting Your Prints on Styrene

One of the best ways to protect and deliver your prints is by getting them mounted. Styrene is a 3mm plastic substrate that does not warp and can easily be framed or stored. With mounted prints, you can prevent your client's images from bending and creasing while showing the quality of prints you can provide. Styrene is available in black or white and in a variety of sizes.

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Did you know?

Each finishing service we offer has its own way of protecting your prints.
• Lustre Coating adds a layer of protection to the surface
• Texture can protect your images from being duplicated
• Mounting your prints protects them from dents and bent corners

Select any of our first-class finishing services to elevate your Photo Prints.