Holiday Ordering Guidelines

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Ordering Deadlines

The holidays are here, and tis the season to be prepared. Check back often for updates on deadlines to get products in time for the holidays.

Details are listed below

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Turnaround Times

Many orders are taking longer than usual during this busy season, so it is important to reference our current production times for each product.

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Peak Season Surcharges

Surcharges will be added to orders received between November 13 and December 26, 2021.

As we enter this time of joy and celebration, we also want to make sure your clients have their tangible memories in hand.

Below we have listed holiday order deadlines for our products. We recommend you check back here often in this ever-changing world of shipping delays and product inventory challenges to receive the latest info.

Deadlines for delivery by December 23, 2021

Prints Order Deadline
Photographic Prints Tuesday 12/14
Photographic Prints with Finishing Services Friday 12/10
Fine Art Prints Friday 12/10
Mini Snapshots Tuesday 12/14
Print Fulfillment Friday 12/10
Album Prints Friday 12/10
Proofing Order Deadline
Proofing Prints Tuesday 12/14
Proofbooks Tuesday 12/14
Albums & Books Order Deadline
Albums Tuesday 12/14
Albums with Premium Leather Covers Friday 12/10
Layflat Books Tuesday 12/14
Layflat Books with Premium Leather Covers Friday 12/10
Hardcover Books Tuesday 12/14
Softcover Books Friday 12/10
Accordion Mini Books Tuesday 12/14
Wall Art Order Deadline
Acrylic Prints Friday 12/3
Metal Prints Friday 12/10
Exterior Metal Prints Friday 12/10
Wood Prints Friday 12/3
Standouts Friday 12/10
Bamboo Panels Friday 12/10
Image Blocks Friday 12/3
Float Wraps Friday 12/3
Framed Prints Friday 12/10
Float Frames Friday 12/10
Canvas Order Deadline
Gallery Wraps Friday 12/10
Portrait Canvas Friday 12/3
Canvas Prints Friday 12/10
Tabletop Displays Order Deadline
Acrylic Blocks Tuesday 12/14
Bamboo Mini Blocks Tuesday 12/14
Image Cubes Friday 12/3
Image Folios Tuesday 12/14
Framed Tabletop Prints Friday 12/10
Metal Tabletop Prints Friday 12/10
Boxes Order Deadline
Image Boxes Tuesday 12/14
Wood Boxes Tuesday 12/14
Album Boxes Tuesday 12/14
Wood USB Boxes Tuesday 12/14
Cards & Stationery Order Deadline
Flat Cards Tuesday 12/14
Folded Cards Tuesday 12/14
Flat Cards Tuesday 12/14
Business Cards Tuesday 12/14
Promotional Cards Tuesday 12/14
Photo Greetings Tuesday 12/14
Gift Tags Tuesday 12/14
Magnets Tuesday 12/14
Posters Tuesday 12/14
Stickers & Labels Order Deadline
Address Labels Tuesday 12/14
Envelope Seals Tuesday 12/14
Package Labels Tuesday 12/14
Ornaments Order Deadline
Wood Ornaments Tuesday 12/14
Metal Ornaments Tuesday 12/14
Bamboo Ornaments Tuesday 12/14
Accessories & Services Order Deadline
Slip-In Mats Friday 12/10
Boutique Bags Friday 12/10
USB & File Delivery Order Deadline
USB Drives Tuesday 12/14
USB Cases Tuesday 12/14
Printed DVDs Tuesday 12/14
Disk Cases Tuesday 12/14
Sports & Events Order Deadline
Sports & Events Friday 12/10
Sports & Events with Banners Friday 12/3
Sports & Events with Plush and Bleacher Blankets Friday 12/3

Turnaround Times

Many orders are currently taking longer than usual, so it is important to reference our current production turnaround times for each product. We highly recommend you place orders needed before Christmas as soon as possible, and do not overpromise when you can deliver to your clients. You can see the current production and shipping status of your orders at any time at .

One-day shipping can be added to orders to help them arrive to you sooner, but remember that adding overnight shipping does not speed up the in-lab time your order takes to get produced, nor does it guarantee your order will ship the same day . One-day shipping only expedites the shipping method once the order is complete. If you need to expedite your order's in-lab turnaround time, please contact Customer Service to discuss potential options.

Peak Season Surcharges

We have surcharges that will be added to orders received between November 13 and December 26, 2021. Amounts and details are available at Peak Season Surcharges .