Due to continued increasing costs, most of our prices increased on March 2nd, 2023. With pro photographers as our focus and primary clients, we know any change impacts your business and do not take these decisions lightly.

The cost of shipping and transportation has risen significantly in the last two years. These changes have directly impacted the most common types of packages we ship—small, lightweight boxes and large, oversized boxes when shipping to residential addresses. You'll see the largest changes on large items requiring oversized packaging.

Please review the product pricing tables at the bottom of each page for each product you purchase from WHCC and update your client pricing as needed.

We are not changing our existing shipping options or prices for upgrades. For our clients in the contiguous US, all orders over $16 will continue to ship free back to your address with two-day shipping for Prints, Books, and Cards, one-day shipping for Albums, and ground shipping for Wall Art. A $7.95 flat-rate dropship option is available if you want us to ship unbranded packages directly to your client. We know how important free and easy-to-understand shipping options are to those running a business, and we continue to work with our carriers to offer these services.

Thank you for your business, understanding, and continued support.